Swing....and a miss

By: sullivanweather, 12:22 AM GMT on March 06, 2014

So, what went wrong with the snowstorm for the Northeast on Sunday/Monday? There were several key factors which led into a much further southward track with the storm; two of which were strong confluent flow over New England and one of the coldest March outbreaks of arctic air over the northern US in the last 140 years thanks to an unusually strong 1050mb surface high pressure sagging south over the northern Plains.

Selection of all-tim...

Bitter cold continues; more snow on the way

By: sullivanweather, 12:00 PM GMT on February 28, 2014

Synopsis and surface features

A powerful ~975mb low pressure system currently over the western Pacific, off the coast of California, will be the focus of attention over the next several days as it will eventually become a long-duration winter storm for a good portion of the region. Elsewhere of note, a very strong (>1040mb) arctic high pressure is sprawling across the Canadian Prairies, building toward the northern Plains. This arctic hi...

Winter Weather, Arctic airmass

Major nor'easter underway

By: sullivanweather, 3:49 PM GMT on February 13, 2014

Surely the sky looked grayer than your typical stormy sky this morning. A classic February nor'easter is currently pummeling the Eastern Seaboard from Georgia to southern New England with intense snowfall rates and crippling ice accretions across the Northeast and interior sections of the South. Originating from the Gulf of Mexico, low pressure at the surface has now moved to a position approximately 40 miles east of Wallops Island, Virginia and is moving north-nort...

Getting back to blogging

By: sullivanweather, 3:33 AM GMT on February 09, 2014

Where to start??

First and foremost, let me start by letting everyone know both Kate and I are doing well. We were married in November and we're, hopefully, just a couple short years from owning our first home.

I've been working on some projects, the details of which I will hopefully be able to release come mid-spring. However, these projects have been on pause since fall of last year for various reasons. Yes, they have to do with weather, tho...

No more hurting people - peace

By: sullivanweather, 12:43 PM GMT on April 17, 2013

This blog will be taking a break from the garden for a time in honor of the victims of the bombing of the Boston Marathon.

It's a struggle to find the proper words to express how one may feel about this cowardly and ruthless act of terrorism perpetrated upon our people, our society, our freedom. A marathon, especially, is the most open of all sporting events. People of every race, creed, religion, and ethnicity are the participants, as are the spectators...

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