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By: sandiquiz, 7:39 AM GMT on February 20, 2017

The previous blog was over 200 comments long, in which we discussed a wide variety of topics.
I decided to check back to remind myself of what we talked about.

This list represents topics covered when more than two people had an input into the discussions.
There were other subjects touched on, by two people, but unless a third picked it up, I didn't call it a discussion.

* Birds

* Cockroaches


Updated: 4:58 PM GMT on February 24, 2017

Hanging Basket Birds

By: sandiquiz, 4:45 PM GMT on January 18, 2017

As I sit at this computer, I can see over the top of the screen to a wooden structure that C calls "The Gallows", about ten feet from the window.

The purpose of the upright is to support a hanging basket. During last summer I had a hanging basket full of summer plants. I began to put small handful of bird food in the basket under the leaves for the robin, who often sat on the upright watching me. All summer he and his blue/great tit...

Updated: 7:03 AM GMT on February 11, 2017

Welcome 2017 :)

By: sandiquiz, 9:16 AM GMT on January 01, 2017

January 2nd - Good Morning World

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As of June 18th

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Updated: 4:05 PM GMT on January 06, 2017

Happy New Year to you all - Welcome 2017!

By: sandiquiz, 2:34 PM GMT on December 28, 2016

Early on Christmas morning, C and I headed 200 miles north to spend Chrstmas day with his mum and his brother.

The traffic was very light and we had the road to ourselves for long stretches... most unusual for the UK, where there are far too many cars for far too few roads!

C's youngest brother, (by 12 years,) lives the nearest to mum, so spends most of his weekends there. It was his job to co...

Updated: 10:28 AM GMT on December 31, 2016

Driving Home for Christmas #166

By: sandiquiz, 12:15 PM GMT on November 27, 2016

December 13th


Snowflakes are understood to be unique - at a molecular level at least.

But scientists have revealed that each one of them can in fact be sorted into 35 general shapes, which in turn tell experts how they formed.

The shapes, which include column crystals, irregular snow particles and plane crystals, which make ‘traditional’ hexagonal snowflakes, vary according to t...

Updated: 5:31 PM GMT on December 27, 2016

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