Sore Bellys, USB Problems and Halloween

By: plapman, 3:34 PM GMT on October 25, 2016

From My Basement Window
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I had my second set of ultra sound yesterday. My family doctor should have the results in a couple of days.
The great granddaughters have hung Halloween decorations in front of my web...

Updated: 7:15 PM GMT on October 25, 2016

Cooler Walks and Sore Bellys

By: plapman, 3:11 PM GMT on October 24, 2016

Just got back from my walk with Abbey. I'm starting to wear warmer clothes now, it's pretty cool in the morning.
I've been having stomach pains the last couple of days. The Queen took me to the walk in clinic where the doctor call the ER at the hospital and I went there for Ultra-sound on the belly. This morning I have to back to see a specialist for more ultra-sound testing.
The stuff hanging in front of the webcam are stuff the great granddaughter...

Updated: 2:24 PM GMT on October 25, 2016

Drying My Basement

By: plapman, 2:11 PM GMT on October 23, 2016

The dehumidifier is working well, the carpet has all dried up.
We contacted our insurance company and they will pay for most of the repairs.
The son in law and a friend of ours will replace wall board that got wet and remove the almost 40 year old indoor outdoor carpet.
We may just paint the basement floor. The old carpet has been wet many times and a painted concrete floor will be easier to use the shop vac on and it will dry much quicker in ca...

Updated: 2:56 PM GMT on October 24, 2016

A Short Walk, a Basement Floor For the New House on the BLock and Drying My Basement

By: plapman, 5:18 PM GMT on October 22, 2016

Just got back from my walk with Abbey. Just a short walk, the brother in law dropped in just as I was leaving.
The new house on the block was getting the basement floor concreted this morning.
Windows 10 and FWink are still working without problems.
We have rented a commercial de humidifier for our basement. It's working well.
Todays Weather:
Cloudy. Rain beginning early this evening. Fog patches overnight. Amount 10mm(1/2 inch) to 15...

Updated: 1:55 PM GMT on October 23, 2016

Running FWink on Windows 10 Anniversery Edition and It Is Working Working

By: plapman, 9:28 PM GMT on October 20, 2016

From My Basement Window

Woodland Mb. Radar

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I got FWink working this afternoon on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.
I went to the Control Panel under Programs.
There is a setting there to make programs written for older Windows apps.
I set FWink to run as a Windows 7 app.
It see...

Updated: 2:22 PM GMT on October 21, 2016

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