By: joealaska, 9:11 PM GMT on March 10, 2017

OK OK, I can take a hint. I always thought it would be my decision at some point to stop the blog. It turns out was somebody else’s choice. If I cannot post photos, and if I cannot write the blog, I have run out of interest in doing anything else on WU.

Turns out there are other sites that are glad to let me do what I enjoy. Right now DISQUS seems to be a good place for the blog and commenting. While I will post a few pictures there, I am not crazy...


By: joealaska, 4:03 AM GMT on February 23, 2017

Today was dreary gray, with light snow and rain. I wanted to get out, but I was going to stay near Great Falls. That still leaves various options. I headed north out of town on RT 225, The Bootlegger Trail. Not to be confused with another Bootlegger Trail near Terry, far eastern Montana, where I passed through a couple summers ago on LEGGS.

Just a few miles north on the trail you get to Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge. A paradise for birds, wit...


By: joealaska, 4:21 AM GMT on February 09, 2017

When I was going out this morning to open the gates I noticed the keys to our truck were not in my pocket. This was not good, even though I knew where they were. My guess was I left them in the truck the night before, which was a drain on the battery. Sure enough, that was the case. Dead battery.

OK, first things first. Open the gates, then I jump the truck. I jumped in my Camry. But when I turned the key there was just a murmur, then nothing. Dam...


By: joealaska, 7:41 PM GMT on February 01, 2017

The blogs and comments are messed up. Trying to see if this one works.


By: joealaska, 3:37 PM GMT on January 31, 2017

I woke up Sunday thinking about taking a ride. But it went overcast and I said no thanks. The last few trips I have made testing the new camera have all been overcast. Usually I can expect a few CLEAR days. But even those recently forecast as CLEAR were NOT. When I saw the clouds Sunday I said PASS. It opens up a big Wednesday. Maybe BUTTE to the big open pit mine there. Over 2 hours south. OR, The White Cliffs of The Missouri River. Three hours east, and a...

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