Coast Guard Kodiak

By: calpoppy , 3:09 PM GMT on November 06, 2012

Kodiak Air Station with Barometer Mtn. shrouded with clouds.

Kodiak Island ‘The Rock’ as it is called is the second largest island in the United

States and home to the biggest Coast Guard base. A former Naval base during WWll, the base was commissioned in 1941. Kodiak supported the Aleutian Island campaign of 1943, which was operating scouting and air transports. In 1972 the Navy turned over the base to the Coast Guard.

Picture courtesy of MissNadia!

Kodiak’s Air Station primary mission is to provide aerial search and rescue to a daunting 4,000,000 sq. mile area. Which includes the Gulf of Alaska, Bristol Bay, the Bering Sea and the Alaskan Pacific coast.

This is what is left of the sign from a rescue, which almost cost the lives of the 3-crew members on the HH-60J helicopter and did cost the lives of 6 of the 7-crew members that had been rescued from the sinking ship.

The Selendang Ayu was a Malaysian cargo ship that was carrying soybeans from Seattle to China. It ran aground off of Unalaska Island in the western Aleutian chain (close to Joealaska territory). The Coast Guard from Kodiak came on the seen to start the rescue of the crewmembers of the ship. The 60 helicopter had already picked up 7 crewmembers and as they went down to pick up the eighth a rogue wave crashed over the bow of the ship and engulfed the engine of the helicopter. This caused the engine of the helicopter to flame out and the 60 crashed into the sea. A HH65B Dolphin helicopter rescued the three-crew members of the helicopter and one of the crewmembers of the ship that had been on board the 60. Later that night the HH65 Dolphin helicopter returned to get the remaining crewmember and the rescue swimmer who had remained on the sinking ship. The ship by that time had broken in half. They searched for the 6-crew members who had been in the helicopter when it crashed and were unable to find them. The crew of the Dolphin helicopter received the Distinguished Flying Cross for their heroic actions.

The biggest rescue for Coast Guard Kodiak was the factory fishing boat Alaskan Ranger. There were 47 crewmembers on the boat when it started to sink. 42 crewmembers were rescued in an amazing tale of courage and duty on the part of the Coast Guard aircrews that night!

The first Jayhawk helicopter on site (HH-60J) pulled up 14 fishermen! There were 17 people in the helicopter! I have been inside this aircraft twice, once in Clearwater, Florida and again in Kodiak and I can’t imagine having that many full sized people in dry suits aboard!!! Between the Dolphin, the 60 and another fishing boat they rescued the 42-crew members. This was in high winds, snow squalls and heavy waves and it was dark.

I learned about this rescue from a book called ‘The Deadliest Sea” by Kalee Thompson. An excellent book that tells the whole story of both the rescue and why some of the crewmembers died. Some of the crewmembers were new to being on a fishing boat. A couple of them had just arrived from California and had never seen snow let alone an ocean full of ice. They were also never taught how to put on a dry suit and this cost them their lives. A dry suit keeps the water from coming in contact with your skin so it delays hypothermia, if there is a tear or if the suit is put on incorrectly water seeps in. All the crewmembers in the helicopter wear dry suits.

The Coast Guard in Kodiak also Medevac people in need to hospitals that are inaccessible to them.

The Coast Guard was the unknown part of the military for years and years. They had to deal with old equipment, boats and planes. Until Hurricane Katrina. The Coast Guard showed the world what they could do, and finally congress appropriated more money to them. New boats finally!!! And TV shows! The Weather Channel has Coast Guard Kodiak. With another show from a Coast Guard base in Florida. If you have watched Coast Guard Kodiak you would have certainly met Claude. He is one tall guy! My son is 6’4” and Claude towers over him! I met him at the exchange this last August and I can see why he is on the show. Personality, commitment and physically in shape, he walked into the exchange and everyone knew Claude was there!!

In order to be in aviation a coastie has to go through 5 months of intensive training at A school or Aviation school in Elizabeth City, NC. If you saw the movie “The Guardian” you would have seen some of the real life instructors at A school.

My son is a flight mech or flight mechanic. He is the one that hoists the rescue swimmer and the rescued people up into the helicopter. Not the job that most people talk about when they talk coasties, but the rescue swimmers want the best person for that job. Their lives are on the line with the guy who hoists the cable. When a flight mech is not flying he is working on the helicopters that he will fly in, keeping them in top shape. Rescue swimmers spend their time training and keeping their equipment in shape.

60 helicopter

This is where the Flight Mech and the Rescue Swimmer sit.

Rescue equipment

My son explaining the equipment to us.

The Dolphin helicopter is usually deployed from boats. It does not have the distance capabilities as does the HH60.

When a hurricane comes please heed the warnings to get out of harms way! When you have to get rescued ,people like my son put their lives in danger to save yours!!!

C-130 checking out it's engines.

Coast Guard boat in Old Women Bay.

In order to get to Jewel beach or many other activities at the base you get to walk or drive across the runway!

I hope you all have enjoyed my blogs on Alaska. We certainly enjoyed being up there!!

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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75. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
3:51 PM GMT on December 17, 2012
calpoppy has created a new entry.
74. calpoppy
1:10 PM GMT on December 14, 2012
Hi SP! Wrightwood got some snow, we got rain. .37 of an inch. Not near what WTS got, but not bad. Below freezing this morning.

I think the drug running incidents on our coasts will get worse. The drug runners are ruthless! The CG I think should rethink the use of small boats in these type of busts.

Hi Ylee! Drinking can cause depression to get worse that's for sure! The CG is like a small town, there is a lot of caring and support for families that need it.

The Peafowl are doing great and are getting quite friendly. The guineas are starting to make alarm sounds with little voices right now. I know that will change!

Our work Christmas party was held yesterday. We actually opt for a potluck instead of having to go out. Everyone out did themselves this year and we were stuffed. I brought some home for Mr. P and for me no dinner, I was still full from the potluck.
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73. Ylee
11:24 PM GMT on December 13, 2012
I'm sorry to hear about your son's friend, cal. It's impossible to guess what he was going through, although alcohol certainly didn't help. I quit drinking over 15 years ago; it never did do anything for me, although it never took anything from me, either.

How's the peafowl?
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72. sp34n119w
9:32 PM GMT on December 13, 2012
Snow for you? I'm thinking not but wishing so for your sake. Rain, at least? I definitely did not hog it this time!

I'm sorry about your son's coworker. So sad and seems so unnecessary. December brings a lot of suicides, unfortunately.
About CG duties - a couple weeks ago a local CG member was killed while attempting to contact suspected smugglers near one of the islands. The suspects rammed the little CG boat and sent two men flying. Very sad and utterly pointless since they were already busted.
We depend on the Coast Guard for a lot more than most of us know.
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71. calpoppy
9:31 PM GMT on December 12, 2012
Hi GG! Even if my son was not camera shy, I don't get TWC. Haven't seen one episode, so sad!

Hi WTS! That must be the recipe you posted on my blog last year, it is gooood!! I need to make that again. Barber shop quartet would be fun to hear. Neat that your nephew is involved in that.

Hi Briar! Lol, on the wedding photographer!!!!! Manufacturers cream can be purchased at Smart & Final. But if were you I would try to find grass fed dairy products. It shouldn't be to hard in your area. Much better nutrient value.

Hi Rob! I totally agree! You know the CG just doesn't rescue people, they do drug busts also. They are part of Homeland Security. When my son was stationed in Florida they did a lot of chasing drug runners in the caribbean.

Hi Bug, that is a great big phooey from mom here, lol! Oh well, he does good work up there, the world doesn't have to see it as long as my son knows it :))

Back to work :(
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70. palmettobug53
2:06 AM GMT on December 12, 2012
I noticed that last night, Briar, when I was trying to post a video to my blog. It simply would NOT work.


When I put the dog in the snow video in my current header, I just copied the embed code from my Christmas blog from two years or so ago. Maybe I could modify my entry, do a copy/paste of the old embed code to notepad, do the same with the new embed code and compare the two. There might be code in front and on the end that can be added to the new code to get it to work.

calpoppy, Randy Bynon said the same thing about TWC's Hurricane Hunters show. I told him that I had hoped to see him in action, as that was his last season before retiring. He told me they picked two crews to follow, neither of which were his. He would see the camera crews around but kept his head down! Phooey.
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69. RobDaHood
12:43 AM GMT on December 12, 2012
Saw the report today about the aging and inadequate CG fleet.
A shame.
We really need to do better for these guys.
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68. BriarCraft
12:07 AM GMT on December 12, 2012
YouTube seems to have done away with the Old Embed Code needed to post videos on WU, so here's a link to a wedding photographer who caught her hair on fire.

I saw you are now into making your own butter, but I'm curious where you find Manufacturers Cream -- never heard of that before. Many years ago, I had a Jersey cow and separated much of the cream off the top for butter-making. I did just the same as you, and even did it with a hand-held mixer, since that was all I had at the time.
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67. WatchinTheSky
8:14 PM GMT on December 11, 2012
Certainly the age group you hear about most often, and they should have the most to look forward to :(

Storms a coming, at least WU and NWS San Diego seem to think so! I am ready, put out some wildflower seed this morning, but I will wait til tomorrow to turn off the outside sprinklers :)

The chili sounds good, MRS WTS is making up a batch of chicken tortilla soup for tonight - then off to nephew's high school for a Christmas concert that his barbershop quartet is in. Tis the season. sigh, tried to do a funny emoticon - html got in the way..

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66. GardenGrrl
11:12 AM GMT on December 11, 2012
Hi Calpoppy, that is really sad to hear about your sons friend. Such pain a person has to be in to do that that they don't even realize how much the people who care about them will be miss having them around.
I hope the base is providing support to his wife and kids.

On a brighter note, it should be fun having a new season of Coast Guard Alaska on, even if son is camera shy.
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65. calpoppy
6:50 PM GMT on December 10, 2012
Thanks for stopping by Bug! The rescue helicopters are what my son is on, though to my knowledge he has not been on the TWC show. Nor does he want to ( much to my dismay, LOL).

It really saddens me to hear of suicide in young people, they seem to be the age group that is at risk.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
64. palmettobug53
1:24 AM GMT on December 10, 2012
Very interesting blog, calpoppy. I've watched TWC's show on the Alaska rescue copters, as well as seeing them from time to time on 'Deadliest Catch.' Not sure if those are the same groups as your son's. They do deserve kudos for necessary and often dangerous work they do.

So sorry to hear about your son's coworker. If he had been drinking at the time, it would have clouded his thought processes but seems to me he must have had some ongoing issues that lead up to this. Or maybe he'd started some medication that leads to suicidal thoughts. Whatever the reason, it's a devastating event for his family, friends and coworkers. It's hard enough to lose someone but with suicide, it leaves the survivors with a lot of guilt and 'What if I had..." issues. I hope they all get through this OK.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
63. calpoppy
11:25 PM GMT on December 09, 2012
Hi Pros! Glad you stopped by!! I have been to your blog several times just not enough time to leave a comment :)

Hi Ylee! First rule of cameras, do not get camera wet or have spots on the lenses!! I traveled about in Alaska with a large ziplock bag around my camera, worked great!

Sad news from Kodiak!!! One of my son's buddies commented suicide last Sunday!!!! So very sad, he and his family had just arrived in Kodiak from Clearwater, Fl. in July. In fact I met the man's wife at Brody's birthday party and had a really nice conversation with her as she was freezing to death in her Florida version of winter clothes. Poor gal, she was really cold. The man had been drinking, and my son believes it was just a drunken spur of the moment decision that well, you can never take back. A wife, two sons and other family members that will suffer his loss. My condolences to his whole family!!!!

We may have a nice cold storm coming our way. Right now I don't care of it will snow or not just some measurable moisture will do!

I have been on a kick of making my own butter lately. It is fun and easy. All you need is Manufacturers Cream, and a stand mixer. Have you ever over mixed heavy cream and it turned almost solid? Well that is all you do mix it until it 'cracks' it releases buttermilk and is butter. Pour the buttermilk off, then use ice water to 'wash' the butter until the liquid that comes off the butter is clear. This is by the way not a cost effective way to have butter. But it is fun. What I really want is to find grass fed dairy products. Now that would be healthy butter!!!

Back to work in the kitchen, making chili and homemade corn bread.
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62. Ylee
3:05 AM GMT on December 09, 2012
Well, whatever you do, don't get tears on the camera lens! :)
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61. Proserpina
9:23 PM GMT on December 08, 2012
Your post looks very interesting (great photos too), I will be back to read. In the meantime, here is a quick hello.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
60. calpoppy
9:16 PM GMT on December 08, 2012
Hi GG!! It will be fun to watch them grow up. We have a lot of fun going in the coop and just watching all of them. Something very relaxing about watching birds.

Hi Briar!! You were right!! I love your blog by the way, a lot of fun!

Guess who is going to be the wedding photographer, me. I know I can do it, so even though I will fret a bit about it, the pics will turn out well. I just can't just be there and relax on the other hand I will be to busy to cry, which is what I know I would do, lol!!!!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
59. BriarCraft
1:48 AM GMT on December 08, 2012
Hah! I did recognize them after all. It's been awhile.

My grandma had peacocks. They are terrific watchbirds. Every time a car entered the property, the peacocks would beep-honk. Once they reached maturity, she was able to sell the males' long tail-feathers-with-eye to florist and gift shops. She never made a profit, but it did help defray the cost of feed. The "eye" is supposed to bring good luck.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
58. GardenGrrl
4:03 PM GMT on December 07, 2012
The fun part is watching them transform from awkward teenage pin feathers to glorious adult plummage.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
57. calpoppy
9:18 PM GMT on December 06, 2012
Hi GG! They are kinda goofy looking right now, though they assure me that this is only temporary, lol!

Hi YLee! Yes the cake was better then licorice cake!! Would have loved the bagpiperess to have played Gauraldi! She was playing the tune I would dance the highland fling to. Had a bit of an urge to dance but it was quickly quelled!!

Hi WTS! Yes the mohawk look will be very in at the coop! I saw your new blog, very interesting!!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
56. WatchinTheSky
5:15 PM GMT on December 05, 2012
I like the mohawk in the first couple chic pics!! Very punk :) That blue coming in has a nice sheen.
Hope you are right about the next storm for us, we have some catching up to do!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
55. Ylee
4:31 PM GMT on December 05, 2012
The wedding cake sounds yummy, cal! Much better than licorice, lol!

If the bagpiper was playing some Garauldi ala Peanuts, that would be perfect! :)

Sound like the birdies are doing well! Good luck!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
54. GardenGrrl
3:11 PM GMT on December 05, 2012
Love the goofy little guys. They look rather huge already.
Also very cool is how much fun the wedding planning sounds. Strawberry cake sounds amazing. Although a chocolate and strawberry cake would be really good.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
53. calpoppy
1:06 PM GMT on December 05, 2012
Hi Karen! We just got them for pets. We thought it would be fun to have then run around our place. Looks like you will get your wish for no rain on your parade!

Looks like our night temps will ber below freezing this week, at least a bit of winter for us.
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52. SBKaren
2:47 AM GMT on December 05, 2012
Hi Cal!

Looks like we got a total of 0.47" of rain. For six days, that's not much.

What are you doing with the fowl? I mean, what is the ultimate use? Pets? Eggs? Curious!

We can't have anymore rain until after Friday when we have our local yocal Holiday Parade! After that, anything goes!!!!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
51. calpoppy
2:29 AM GMT on December 05, 2012
I am sorry Briar that I didn't label the pics. Yes they are peafowl chicks. I got 5 of them from a friend of mine. They are just starting to get some color on their necks.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
50. BriarCraft
1:12 AM GMT on December 05, 2012
Not the guineas, but the other birds... What are they? They look sorta like immature peacocks, but not quite.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
49. calpoppy
3:42 PM GMT on December 04, 2012
Here are some pics of my fowl kids!!

Notice the blue color on the neck, it's a BOY!

Here is a funny looking pic of some of the guineas

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
48. calpoppy
3:34 PM GMT on December 04, 2012
Hi WTS! At least you got measurable rainfall!!!! I told Briar on her blog that the next round of rain is ours!!!

Hi PSP! Thanks for the congrats! I never thought my older son would get married but here we are. It is fun to be part of it all, I couldn't be involved with my coastie son's marriage because of distance.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
47. PugetSoundPost
3:21 PM GMT on December 03, 2012
Hi! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!! I missed the news, apparently whenever ago, but I see it now! Very exciting for you and nice that you are part of the planning too! When will it be?

Lots of rain up our way. I like it so far - really helps make the season "what it ought to be". Take care!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
46. calpoppy
12:56 AM GMT on December 03, 2012
LOL, Briar! Thanks!!! It is certainly pretty.

We tasted traditional wedding cakes today. So funny the one I though would be the one was not the one! The winning cake was a white cake with the most amazing strawberry filling I have ever tasted. It was like fresh strawberries in the filling! The runner up was the candy bar cake, which actually will be the top tier. Why not, it is their cake, and two different cakes is kinda cool!!!

Fun again, great to get along with everyone! We went to a Greek restaurant for lunch instead of Italian. Very good, with a bagpiper playing across the street it had a global feel to the lunch, LOL!

Will post pics of the 'fowl kids' either tomorrow or tuesday. Have a great night!!
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45. WatchinTheSky
12:44 AM GMT on December 03, 2012
That apple looks tasty :P

Too warm for snow, lots of rain? Only 1/3 :(
Have a good week!
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44. BriarCraft
12:43 AM GMT on December 01, 2012
You asked for it, you got it!

Wedding Chocolate Apple

Gourmet Chocolate-Covered Caramel Apples

I also found a recipe on

Chocolate Covered Apples
6 medium sweet-tart apples, such as Braeburn, Fuji, or Gala
Popsicle sticks
1 pound semisweet chocolate, cut into chunks
1 cup M & M's, chopped pistachios, shredded coconut, toffee pieces, or crushed Oreos


Twist off the stems from the apples and push a Popsicle stick down into the core. Put the apples in the fridge while preparing the chocolate; they'll coat better if they're cold.

Slowly melt the chocolate in a double boiler over hot water or in a microwave set on high for 2 minutes, stirring halfway through the heating time to smooth it out. Remove from the heat and stir until completely melted and warm, not hot. Dunk each apple into the chocolate, allowing the excess to drip back into the bowl. Roll the apples around in the chocolate, turning with the stick, so it's coated all the way up to the top. Use a spoon to baste any hard to get spots.

Put the desired coating in a separate bowl and roll the dipped apple around so it is completely covered. Set the chocolate dipped apples on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Refrigerate until the chocolate is set.
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43. calpoppy
9:15 PM GMT on November 30, 2012
Hi SP! Lol!! It is an interesting orchid, another one is called the donkey orchid. You could have a farmyard in your place!

Hi WTS! Zilch for rain! We got a little, but not measurable. Still hopeful though.
SP is hogging all our rain :))

I think a fowl wind always blows at my place, lol.

Hi GG! Beautiful pic, it looks like a nautilus!

There are terrestial orchids up at Mt. Baden-Powell, not as pretty as the goat orchid though.

I was just over at briar's blog and now I want chocolate and an apple, chocolate covered apple???
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42. GardenGrrl
5:22 PM GMT on November 30, 2012
Hi, Googled images for "celestial orchids" and found this.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
41. WatchinTheSky
5:11 PM GMT on November 30, 2012
Hi cp, hope you got more rain than I, our grand total for the last 3 days is -- .04" woohoo!! that's pretty poor, even for drizzle..
Well, December is coming and maybe the rainy season for us :)

Oh, it's a fowl wind blowing ;)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
40. sp34n119w
11:55 PM GMT on November 28, 2012
Are there celestial orchids?!?! ;) Thanks!
If you have a mo, go look at the Mt Wilson cam - the clouds are high enough that it's been beautiful all day.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
39. calpoppy
11:30 PM GMT on November 28, 2012
SP, it is ophrys reinholdii. From greece, turkey and iran which leads me to believe it is a terrestrial orchid.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
38. sp34n119w
10:21 PM GMT on November 28, 2012
Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my previous blog. The stories of bad behavior keep rolling in but that isn't all bad. What was hidden or unspoken is coming to light and when we know the truth we can work to make things better.

Your future DIL is a real gem!
"A goat lover and a knitter, how cool can that be"
Well, the coolest, obviously! ;)
It seems like I've only ever heard horror stories about wedding planning so it's nice to see you're having a good time! Enjoy the tastings - I know I would, lol

Sorry the weather is too warm to bring you snow! Soon, though, I'm certain. It's raining, here :)

I want chick pics, too!

Oh, I meant to ask - do you know the latin name of that goat orchid? I've shown the picture you posted to others and everyone wants one and I can't find it!

[I committed the cardinal sin of not copying my comment before hitting "post comment" and I lost it! I wonder now if this is what it said, LOL]
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
37. calpoppy
9:23 PM GMT on November 28, 2012
Hi Karen! No snow for us, snow level 7500'. I didn't know old eddie was around to give you fog and cloudy skies.

Glad you had fun on t-day anyway.

Hi GG, baby fowl pics are coming, just not now. This coming monday. I hope to get the little fowl boy displaying.

Hi WTS! Hoping for rain, my car is really dusty!!! Fowls in the wind would be funny, I get pics on here so you'll know what I mean.

Hi Ylee, licorice! Lol!! Black and white, chocolate and white cake.

Hi GG! Lol, on the goth wedding. That black and white cake has rasberry and ganache filling. Already my fav and I haven't tasted it yet!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
36. GardenGrrl
10:49 AM GMT on November 28, 2012
Lol, licorice cake. Imagine all the black lips after eating it? would look like a goth wedding.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
35. Ylee
12:35 AM GMT on November 28, 2012
Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but what kind of flavor is black/white? :) Licorice? Ewwww.....
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
34. WatchinTheSky
11:58 PM GMT on November 27, 2012
The weather is trying to change! Definitely ready for some rain and fun weather. But our chances are not great just yet..
Imagining your fowl hanging on in a big wind =:0 then :)
Pictures as they grow would be fun, I agree.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
33. GardenGrrl
10:56 AM GMT on November 27, 2012
Glad you are having fun with the wedding planning. With the right people party planning while busy is actually a lot of fun.

Baby Peacock. Awwwwww. Hope you get time to take pictures of the flock as they grow and post them.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
32. SBKaren
3:12 AM GMT on November 27, 2012
Do you think you might get some snow out of this system that is coming through this week? Your weather might have been boring, but we had lots of fog. We were expecting this nice warm Thanksgiving weekend, and it was no where to be found.

We drove up to Oxnard to a family reunion on Friday and my uncle set up a tent on the beach with tables and chairs, and while we sat in it (it stayed OK in the tent), it remained foggy just about the whole time! We who live at the beach were used to it, but a bit of the family comes from Las Vegas and they were looking forward to beach weather!

On our drive home (we take Hwy 1 to I10 and then to the 405 home), 1 was foggy, got on the 405 and hit 81º and then got home and it was 64º.

I remember planning my daughter's wedding. Let me rephrase that. I remember HER planning her wedding and me following behind with the check book! I'm so glad she is crafty and knew what she wanted, as I'm not a good planner. I can take plans and go from there, but don't ask me for ideas!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
31. calpoppy
7:59 PM GMT on November 26, 2012
Thanks Ylee!!

A big thanks to you BF!!

Looks like we have at least 1 peacock, as the little guy tries to display with his two scrawny tail feathers. Very cute! The others laugh, but that is to be expected when they are just kids. Wait until he gets that beautiful tail!

The weather continues to be nice....and boring! But maybe a chance of rain this week.

I have been doing wedding things with my future DIL and her mom. It is fun doing girl things! Next week the cake tasting, which I am REALLY looking forward to! LOL! Lemon/lavender, black/white, candy bar, pink champagne and some more I can't remember, Oh, and neopolitan! I love going to old Claremont (for those of you in So. Cal.) and that is where the invitation place is and the bakery. We were treated to lunch by my future DIL's mom. Great fun!

I am in charge of the flowering plants for the wedding, I am excited! Azaleas will be blooming down the hill in January, so those for sure. And New Zealand tea trees should be blooming also.

I need to cover up a block wall for the wedding, bamboo screening maybe? Any ideas????

Everyone have a great week, I am having fun with wedding plans and new fowls, LOL!

Back to chores!!

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
30. Barefootontherocks
5:25 AM GMT on November 26, 2012
Wow. Nice blog. Thank you.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
29. Ylee
3:39 AM GMT on November 26, 2012
Have a good week, cal!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
28. calpoppy
9:11 PM GMT on November 24, 2012
Hi Ylee, 2 1/2 is pretty good. We get zilch here, lol!!

Hi SP! 1/2 inch is pretty darn good!! I have the autumn leaf cookie cutters for that salad, so maybe one day. I use those cookie cutters for pie crusts, they make a pretty pie.

Hi WTS! Glad you and SP liked the hiding turkey! I thought it was funny.

Hi Pros and GG! Thanks for the turkey day greetings! GG, it reminded me of my old pack!

Hi PSP!! You are sure making up for lost rain!! My friend was saying how many areas have flooded. Be safe!!

Hi Karen! Great words to live by!!!

Briar your back!! Glad to see you. I hope you can open your blog soon.

I will be back later this weekend for more conversations.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
27. BriarCraft
9:51 PM GMT on November 23, 2012
While over on GG's blog, I couldn't help but notice and appreciate the Thanksgiving "photo" you left there. Either that's a very life-like table lamp or ??? Whatever, I don't think that guy is going to find dinner under the kitchen cupboards. Somebody has a great imagination and a lot of creativity.

BTW, now that I'm out of lurk mode: great photos and info on the Kodiak airbase and our brave Coasties. They save a lot of lives in seriously dangerous conditions and just call it another day's work.
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26. SBKaren
5:39 PM GMT on November 22, 2012
I would like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving, filled with family, friends, food and gratitude for what we do have. I promise to try to live up to this quote all year long!

Well, there will certainly NOT be snow for Thanksgiving, so start crossing those fingers for Christmas!!
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25. PugetSoundPost
4:16 PM GMT on November 22, 2012
Thanks for the turkey-side of Thanksgiving message! I'm wishing you and Mr. Poppy a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Enjoy!
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