Summer Heat

By: WatchinTheSky, 7:51 PM GMT on July 10, 2016

I have pretty much been gone for a while now and have missed a lot. I'll try to catch up - but ;-)

A shortish blog to get back into things. Mostly visitors to the backyard.

The tiniest visitor (well, not counting some little bugs!) - a baby western fence lizard, it's that time of year and we've seen 3-4 scurrying around.

Tiny doves! Hard to judge by the photo, these are common ground doves, maybe 1/3 the size of mourning dove....

Updated: 11:04 PM GMT on July 22, 2016

Temporary Hiatus

By: WatchinTheSky, 4:20 AM GMT on June 17, 2016

Work has gone into hyper-drive all of a sudden, so I will be AWOL a little more than usual, to my dismay. Will miss the chats and seeing what's new. We're fine here, counting on the hummers and orioles to entertain in my absence.

So of course ;-)
a href="Hummer cam current view - " target="_blank">"

a href="Hummer cam 2 'soft focus' view ;-) - " target="_blank">"

Splish Splash #96

By: WatchinTheSky, 4:48 PM GMT on May 09, 2016

Destination - Rocky Point, or as the locals say Puerto Penasco, on the mainland of Mexico near the top of Gulf of California or Sea of Cortez. Most of this trip has desert scenary, even the coastal town of Puerto Penasco. Very little rain and one might say uncomfortably hot in the summer with the humidity. We finally took up the request from our ex-next door neighbors to come out and see them when they are down there relaxing (retirement must be nice ;-)


Updated: 4:06 PM GMT on June 07, 2016

A coming out! Monarch butterfly

By: WatchinTheSky, 3:28 AM GMT on May 03, 2016

Just a quickie blog to see how this looks. Finally got to see the last stage transformation. This is pretty quick as well and a video might not be inappropriately large - maybe ;-)

The main action is done in about 3 minutes, then the wings dry for a couple hours. At that point the butterfly could either fly off or be held overnight for a midday release.

This was a hand held phone sequence and I will set up better later if I get the chance - tri...

Updated: 3:42 AM GMT on May 03, 2016

A Butterfly Tale 20+ released!

By: WatchinTheSky, 6:06 PM GMT on April 03, 2016

Late last summer, I decided to start a butterfly garden. I bought a butterfly bush, but mostly some localish milkweed varieties. They got off to a rough start (hot hot hot!) and I thought I lost many, but all except one came back - some slowly. At the sight of the first monarch butterfly this year, and no milkweed blooming yet, I bought a few tropical milkweeds - not native here, but favorites of monarchs. Wasn't too long before a few eggs were spotted!


Monarch Butterflies

Updated: 5:24 PM GMT on April 29, 2016

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