Autumn Deepens

By: PugetSoundPost , 4:06 PM GMT on November 04, 2012

November 10, 7:30 AM

Shallow fog and 27 degrees currently as the weak sun is slowly rising behind the veil. Jack Frost is all around today!

The fog won't probably last too long into the morning, then a clearing day. But nippy - only in the 40's eventually. Yesterday's high for us was 47 in spite of a good amount of sunshine. Cold air from the North is flowing down over us during this little early cold snap. You were right, Polarbytes, much colder and clearer weather did move south toward us this week. I still have flowers around, and this will likely be difficult for them, but it is okay. Nothing that I feel compelled to rush and save, and in my heart I would be ok with them winding up and being finished for the year so I can do my final yard cleanup of the season. It is just feeling like winter is knocking on the door, and we are starting to get up from our chair to go answer it.

My youngest daughter is home from college for the weekend and that is Nice! We need to do some shopping, but she also just wants a bit of time to relax - wonderful to hear!

November 6, 6:45 AM
Election Day

Quite quickly this morning, fog has developed around and below us. Just minutes ago I could see the early light in a pretty, but broken sky.

The pattern is changing, and it has already begun. The morning temps started dropping yesterday a little over what it has been for sometime and this morning is even cooler. Currently it is 43 - a pretty big change from the low 50's we have been seeing at this time of day. And more cooling is coming. A front from the Gulf of Alaska will move through later today, dragging in much cooler air behind it for the rest of the week, and dropping daytime highs considerably and our first frost is a possibility by the end of the week.

Election Day is here and it isn't the day it used to be for us. For those of you in other states, Washington has gone to All Mail voting in very recent years. So now everyone must send in their ballot and it just must be postmarked by today (there are some free "drop boxes" around too, if you want to run around to those). So, by today the voting is pretty much over state-wide. But we won't get final results till who-knows-when, since the counting process is long and arduous. I really miss actually going to the polls and am sure glad I took my kids along each time in those "old days" so they have some idea of what that was like. Actually some of them did vote at polls, but it was a fleeting opportunity.

November 4, 8 AM

Welcome to November in the Pacific NW! The month has changed and the season of autumn is also changing. NOvember --- sometimes referred to as the month of NO sun, NO warmth, and NO Light, since by November we are spiraling fast into winter, and some of our most "wintery" weather of the year occurs in November. Over the many years we have experienced some of our worst windstorms of the year in November, it is often about the rainiest month of the year and major flooding risks are greatly increased in November, and every once-in-a-while we can even get decent snowfalls in November. As indicated by the little ditty above, pretty uniformly there is little sun over this month - instead we are shrouded in overcast, even if not actually raining, for the vast majority of days. And the setting sun - it must be out there somewhere behind those clouds - keeps setting relentlessly faster, while rising increasingly later each day too, so by the end of the month, daylight is becoming a valuable commodity.

This morning is a good example of Novemeber. While it isn't raining, but could before the day is done, it is a solid overcast overhead, hanging at a mid-level in the sky. No wind today. But the air looks very clean and crisp, and as I look out our windows, the golden trees are everywhere - at a glorious peak here so locally - and a golden hue is across the land - from right outside our windows to spread across the valley below us, nicely and bountifully mixed inbetween the stands of evergreens. Beautiful time of year, and the rolling "autumn color peak" has finally rolled over us. The maples and cottonwoods, probably among others, are really pretty now - before the leaves all completely fall. There are a lot of leaves down all around - I love that carpet of leaves on the roads and sidewalks - but for the most part here locally the leaves are still on the trees - giving us their last and best for the year.

It has rained each day of November so far, but the hose was turned down significantly over what it was for the last part of October. More rain is possible each day this week, but nothing too significant. The bigger story is a coming cooling trend, beginning around mid week. Increasingly cooler and looks to be below normal by the end of the week - probably staying just in the 40's. I am kind of looking forward to that. It has stayed a bit too warm lately for this time of year, in my mind anyway.

October in Review:

Average High: 62
Average Low: 44
Highest Temp: 77 (on the 1st and 7th)
Lowest Temp: 36 (on the 22nd)
Lowest High Temp: 46 (on the 22nd)
Wettest Day: Oct. 30 (1.10")
Days of Measurable Rain: 18 (but none for the first 10 days)

Total Rain for October: 5.92"

Note: We went straight from a second driest ever long spell over the second half of summer, to a Top 10 wettest Octobers ever!

November 4
Sunrise: 6:58 AM --- Sunset: 4:45 PM (PST)
(losing 2 min, 58 sec tomorrow)

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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9. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
4:04 PM GMT on November 17, 2012
PugetSoundPost has created a new entry.
8. WatchinTheSky
4:55 PM GMT on November 15, 2012
27 is definitely Jack Frost temps! Our little neighborhood is on enough of a hill that we have not seen any frost yet, but down in town the roof tops have had a little white a week or so ago. Now our weather is coming from the south, temps are up (50-80) and a stream of clouds over head. Little chance for rain.
Water heater is replaced, it only dribbled a bit in the garage, no harm , no foul. Hot water is a good thing! Saved about 700$ by doing the job with help from neighbor :)
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7. WatchinTheSky
4:02 PM GMT on November 08, 2012
Oooh, frosty! Weather IS breaking here, actually a few sprinkles this morning and low 50s overnight. Hard to believe WU says 70-80% chance of rain for the next 3 days - that would be nice. But not expecting big totals..
Hope all your votes were winners, some of mine were. :)
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6. polarbytes
2:18 PM GMT on November 07, 2012
Just an update: I would think that you are in for some sunny weather and cooler temps judging by our forcast for the coming week. And who ever thought that daylight savings time was a good thing for alaska just doesn't get it. We are now darker an hour earlier, O, Yea! But the dark doesn't really bother me like it does some people. The cold that accompanies that increased darkness, now that is another story; currently -3!! Change comes by Friday with 20's and snow in the forcast, maybe first significant snows, although the mts have had quite a bit since mid october. Stay warm and dry.
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5. WatchinTheSky
5:56 PM GMT on November 06, 2012
Our household has been 'vote by mail' for awhile now - but - I usually have a hard time completing it in time to mail, so it's off to the local polling place again this morning to drop off ballot :) Kind of best of both worlds?

'They' keep threatening that some of your weather is coming our way for Fri-Sat, even possible snow in local mountains! We'll see, hoping for a bit of rain.
Looks like you have some sun in the future, chilly though!

95 here yesterday, maybe 62 Fri mid 40s overnite - yikes!
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4. PugetSoundPost
3:16 PM GMT on November 05, 2012
Hi All - a benign looking morning outside the windows currently. It is overcast, of course, but there are some thinner spots in it and it doesn't look too threatening. It is still only 50, but we did end up with .24" rain overnight. Just about to an inch for the month so far. The forecast for today gives us shower chances but I am kind of guessing we won't see much. Kind of a lull day.

WTS: I sure hope you and Cal both can get some rain sometime SOON! It is a fun event! Everytime I hear it is in the 90's or more down your way, at any time of year other than summer, it really is mind boggling. I enjoy the earlier darkness during these "dark months", actually. Forces us indoors more and changes the dynamics of life - brings us to a more "hearth and home" feeling, especially if it is stormy outside!

Cal: Thank you for a possible, and quite likely ID of those red bushes up at Mt. Rainier! I know that berries are all over - attracting the bears in the fall - although we didn't see any. And, yes, our lawn did green up now, too late for any real enjoyment of it other than as we scoot in and out of the driveway in a hurry and take a look! lol!

Polar: I think with all of your NW relatives you have a pretty good handle on our weather and environment! The "great gray" is a very apt description of the winters here. Many places probably get much more overall rain than we do, and they get heavier rain when it does rain - higher daily or storm totals - but I think the distinction here is that it just keeps dripping along, more or less, and it is nearly always gray from now on for many months. It always looks like it could rain most any moment. My impression of those other places is that a heavy rain will come and then quickly scoot by, leaving clear weather in its wake, until another system comes along. It doesn't really happen that way here. Maybe because when we get on a roll, systems can move in every 24-36 or so hours and there really isn't time to clear between them. I too actually like these months - November and December are the darkest and dreariest months - always the expectation that a noteworthy storm may come, which I like, and again, back to the "hearth and home" lifestyle.

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3. polarbytes
1:36 PM GMT on November 05, 2012
I like your discription of november, change the word rain to snow and it fits us up here, although in the last decade we saw significant periods of rain/snow in november, which I don't like! My Portland brothers also refer to Nov as the beginning of the big blows.
It's not a complimentary term from them,LOL. But we have several friends who have bought second homes in Oregon to spend some of the winter months in, so it can't be all that bad. My wife's relatives in Bellingham refer to this month as the beginning of the great gray. However you describe it, for you in the NW it is all about what really defines your area, or at least what the rest of the country perceives it is like in the great NW! Personally, I like November,
the harbinger of the winter ahead. Embrace it, I say!!
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2. calpoppy
3:35 AM GMT on November 05, 2012
Hi PSP! I am finally getting back to you on what I think the bright red leafed plants are in your wonderful pics of Mount Rainier. I believe they are Huckleberries. They are quite prevalent in that area and they do turn a bright red color. That is my best guess.

I guess your lawn is turning green again with all your rain! We might be getting a bit of that wet stuff ourselves toward the end of this coming week. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!
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1. WatchinTheSky
7:38 PM GMT on November 04, 2012
Yay, First, on a roll!
NOvember, well described for your corner of the country! Still sounds good, though. 20 miles from the cool Pacific, its 93 at 11:30 this AM in my neighborhood and tomorrow is supposed to be the hot day :)
.2" for our rain in October.
It IS November, so once we get past Tues, we have a chance? for rain this weekend. One could hope!
Days are getting shorter for sure, and now it will be dark when I get home. Boo! Oh wait, Halloween was last week :)
Have a good week!
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