May 2015 Forecast: The legacy of Winter and the Introduction of Summer

By: Mikeman444, 6:08 AM GMT on May 03, 2015

Lets take a look back at the eventful month of April 2015!
The month of April was near normal overall and dry with the exception of two areas that were hit with 30-40cm of snow in a 12 hour period on the 25th and 26th. The temperatures averge out that way because of a 1-3C warm anomaly during the day being cancelled out by a 1-3C cold anomaly at night due to dry conditions. This lead to many grass fires that destroyed homes and farms.

The image belo...

April 2015 Forecast: April Fools day storm

By: Mikeman444, 7:31 AM GMT on April 02, 2015

Spring sprung early and while we've so far been clocked by two spring snowstorms temperatures overall for March finished 4-7C warmer than normal, some locations having the 2nd or third warmest March on record. The last day of March was something else. The 2nd warmest temperature ever recorded in March, only the 24-26C heat from 2004 beat out 2015.
As expected the storm season also started early. The last few hours of the month saw severe winds, thunderstorms, h...

Spring 2015 Forecast for the Canadian Prairies

By: Mikeman444, 6:32 AM GMT on March 25, 2015

Spring is upon us and the days get longer. The temperature has warmed up, save for a snowstorm or two. Lets look at the the winter and how it might have an influence on spring.

While it was the same as last year in eastern Canada it was quite different this time around for the prairies.
Winter overall was near to much warmer and drier than normal. Temperatures in parts in Alberta even reached a summer like 20C(68F) in the middle of January.

March 2015 Forecast: a little colder than expected with bits of summer.

By: Mikeman444, 9:58 AM GMT on March 02, 2015

While we did see more near summer like temperatures in some areas the month of February ended up near to below average over the bulk of the prairie provinces and precipitation was above normal. Rainfall was between 5 and 10 times greater than the average in a few areas.

March 2015 Forecast for Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.
Issued: 2:45am Mar 2 2015

Overall March will finish off warmer and wetter than average in southern Alberta, co...

February 2014 Forecast: Almost thought it was summer!

By: Mikeman444, 8:20 AM GMT on January 31, 2015

After a January that felt at time like summer what wacky and weird weather could February have in store. First lets look back at this "summer in January' stuff. Normally I don't delve so deep into the past month. While I did a forecast for Jan I forgot to press "post". I prediction a warm mid-month and cold by the 20th, the heat lasted longer and was more intense than predicted.

While January got off to a frigid start it turned very warm, dozens of record...

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