Weather Cam

By: LesCimes, 12:47 AM GMT on January 23, 2015

Having a weather cam for the Gracewood Weather Station has been fun. The still image often captures a perspective on the view that is missed when looking at a live image. Birds feeding at the feeder, a glint of sunlight, or the rosy clouds at sunrise, all revealed in the snapshot and preserved in the moment of the image.

Looking at the images throughout the day is a bit like visiting an art museum. The artist's work on display for all to come by and view...

Weather Cam

By: LesCimes, 4:58 PM GMT on January 13, 2015

The Gracewood Weather Station now supports a weather cam. The camera is a high definition (720 P), outdoor, wireless cam from D-Link. (Model # DCS-2330L) It is placed, at least for the short term, looking eastward where it will catch the sunrise and includes bird feeders within the field of view. The feed is not a video feed but it updates every few minutes. So it certainly will provide perspective of the current weather and, hopefully, capture a bird or two at the ...

Yikes it's going to be cold!

By: LesCimes, 11:02 PM GMT on January 07, 2015

By now everyone (surely that can be safely said) knows that CSRA temperatures are dropping below 20° F tonight. It isn't the coldest ever reached in Augusta. According to this web site, Joe Dorish Weather,

"The coldest temperature ever officially recorded in Augusta is -1 degrees, which occurred on January 21, 1985, when a massive arctic chill hit the south. That is the only below zero temperature reading in the city's history. Augusta is not a cold weat...

January Weather

By: LesCimes, 4:57 PM GMT on January 04, 2015

It's January, right? Cold weather, snow (sometimes in Augusta - don't forget the snowstorm in the midlands of South Carolina this past November!) short days and more. So why is it going to top out in the seventies today? Global warming at home? Hmm, who knows. But, warm temperatures are not unusual in Augusta in January. Augusta has highs in the 70's every year. In 2013 it topped out at 80° F. So, enjoy the warmth and lower heating bills. Cold weather will return ...

2014 Station Extremes

By: LesCimes, 10:15 PM GMT on January 02, 2015

Happy New Year. The 2014 weather data summary for the Gracewood station are in. Here are the extremes for year 2014.

Hi Temp = 99.1º F (station record is 108.8ºF set in 2012)
Lo Temp = 10.6º F (station record)
Hi wind speed = 40 mph (station record is 52 mph set in 2011)
Rain Fall = 36.52" (corrected to compensate for equipment malfunction in March, April and May)

Concerning the high temperatures it was a mild summer. Concerni...

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