coolest day in Kuala Lumpur since at least 2000

By: 0122855600, 7:12 PM GMT on January 26, 2017

Kuala Lumpur experiences coolest day since at least 2000 based on maximum temperatures on Tuesday.I do not have access to records before 2000.Only a maximum temperature of 24.6 Degrees Celsius at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport!The cool weather occurred due to plenty of monsoon clouds and rainfall associated with low level convergence of moist monsoon winds along with upper level divergence over the region,especially over Johor.Parts of Johor received 24 hour rai...

weather bomb

By: 0122855600, 7:03 PM GMT on December 27, 2016

A weather bomb(underwent explosive cyclogenesis) was just situated slightly to the southeast of Perth today.Leading to strong winds and strong cold air advection over Perth with 850 hPa temperatures this morning of around 5 Degrees Celsius,comparable to the average during winter but it is summer now!But near surface temperatures were much warmer which meant steep lapse rates which led to instability leading to what I call "ocean effect rain".

However,the ...

Updated: 7:13 PM GMT on December 27, 2016

Hot weather in Perth on Wednesday with a cooler Thursday

By: 0122855600, 6:38 PM GMT on December 22, 2016

Yesterday(Wednesday) was a really hot day in Perth,Western Australia with surface air temperatures of up to 43.3 Degrees Celsius having been recorded within the Perth Area with 850 hPa temperatures of around 23 Degrees Celsius according radiosonde data as a surface trough near the west coast coast of Australia had dragged warm air from the northeast(from the desert).

High environmental lapse rates with 500 hPa temperatures of around -10 Degrees Celsius ha...

Coldest morning in Perth of the year so far

By: 0122855600, 3:19 PM GMT on July 14, 2016

Yesterday morning can be said to be the coldest morning of the year in Perth.

According to Australian Bureau of Meteorology(BOM) data temperatures at the Perth Metro Meteorological Station dipped to 0.6 Degrees Celsius,while at the Jandakot Airport Meteorological Station the the temperature dipped to -1.6 Degrees Celsius.

Frost was observed over many areas of Perth especially hollow areas such as Jandakot Airport.

Frost forms when th...

Updated: 3:01 PM GMT on July 15, 2016

Cold morning in Perth

By: 0122855600, 3:13 PM GMT on July 01, 2016

This morning can be said to be the coldest morning of the year so far in Perth.According to Australian Bureau of Meteorology(BOM) data,this morning the temperature at the Perth Metro Meteorological Station dipped to a minimum of 2.9 Degrees Celsius at 7:12 AM while at the Jandakot meteorological station,1.3 Degrees Celsius at 7:19 AM.

The low temperatures occurred largely due to a cool and dry airmass,clear skies and light winds under the influence of the...

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