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1. Pink Friday

Uploaded by: Raysfan12571 Friday November 27, 2015 Murfreesboro, TN

Taken by Michael Colacicco from our front door at 7am

2. red evening...

Uploaded by: vaggelis Friday November 27, 2015 Mirtos , Greece

3. Fire

Uploaded by: Crea5e Wednesday November 25, 2015 Provo, UT

4. Water Like Wine

Uploaded by: phantom72 Wednesday November 25, 2015 Oak Island, NC

5. Thanks Giving

Uploaded by: Kennebunker Wednesday November 25, 2015 Kennebunk, ME

Creator, thank you for each day's sunrise, for the breath and life within me. Thank you for all your creations. Thank you for my family and my friends, bless them today and every day. Aho!

6. Fall's End!

Uploaded by: Biskitten Friday November 20, 2015 New Castle, NH

Only rust colored leaves are all that is left on trees as we reach the end of foliage season!

7. Black Friday (1 of 1).JPG

Uploaded by: jtrainman Friday November 27, 2015 Poquoson, VA

I was in the back of a line that stretched from the from the front door of Bass Pro Shop to well beyond the Crab Shack at 5:04 this morning. At 5:37 I was back in my truck, 4 new pairs of work jeans and headed off for my real Black Friday at Messick Point. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend..

8. Wet Snow

Uploaded by: gemini Saturday November 21, 2015 Lawton, MI

First snow of the season

9. Winter Scenes

Uploaded by: WalksLikeWolf Saturday November 21, 2015 Elliot Lake , Canada

Winter scenes are not always easy to capture, with the white snow, and white sky.

10. Rifugio Cotaline 1400

Uploaded by: MonteCatria Saturday November 21, 2015 Frontone , Italia

11. 18F Deg Sunrise

Uploaded by: Doesiedoats Friday November 27, 2015 Williams, OR

The frost was heavy enough that when I first looked out the window, I thought it had lightly snowed.

12. Golden vines

Uploaded by: myvalleylil Saturday November 21, 2015 La Môle , France

Some sunny hours in my valley before it gets really cold.....

13. Baja sunset

Uploaded by: lauramg Monday November 23, 2015 Primo Tapia , MX

14. Peeking Over The Horizon.JPG

Uploaded by: GP38 Saturday November 21, 2015 Orient, NY

Sunrise Over The Horizon @ Orient NY

15. Storm Brewing

Uploaded by: wildernessgirl Sunday November 22, 2015 Soldotna, AK

this was this morning sun rise and it would almost look like we may be in for some more rain or snow

16. Snowy Sunset

Uploaded by: Zeman88 Sunday November 22, 2015 Rolfe, IA

A nice sunset over the fresh blanket of snow.

17. Heavenly

Uploaded by: Luckystar Monday November 23, 2015 Keyes, OK

Skies painted by the Master.

18. A Flourish Of Color

Uploaded by: pjpix Tuesday November 24, 2015 Barrington Hills, IL

My favorite place to be at sunrise ... this farm pond in Barrington Hills, IL. Yep ... even if it is cold out!

19. frosty morning light

Uploaded by: jjulian Friday November 27, 2015 Virginia, MN

7 degrees and a light covering of snow from last night, a beautiful morning