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1. Hot Stuff

Uploaded by: RenoSoHill Tuesday August 25, 2015 Reno, NV

2. Sunset over the Columbia.

Uploaded by: metaglypt1 Thursday August 27, 2015 Umatilla, OR

Smoke from the forest fires of the summer of 2015, combined with clouds made an interesting sunset.

3. A very nice sunset...

Uploaded by: henkhoekstra Thursday August 27, 2015 Winschoten , Nederland

...we had tonight in the N-E of the Netherlands.

4. Sunset

Uploaded by: YoginiAmy Tuesday August 25, 2015 Loma Linda, CA

5. sunset in Cozumel

Uploaded by: george84 Monday August 24, 2015 Cozumel , MX

6. Monday's Sunset

Uploaded by: BubbasCanon Monday August 24, 2015 Thomaston, GA

Flint River Overlook near Thomaston, Georgia

7. Back-lit Storm

Uploaded by: VTguy Wednesday August 26, 2015 Westmore, VT

A thunderstorm over northern Vermont's Willoughby highlands is back-lit by the setting sun creating a very interesting effect.

8. Lights Behind the Clouds

Uploaded by: wildernessgirl Thursday August 27, 2015 Soldotna, AK

with all the clouds last night we didn't get to see to much of the light show that we where hearing so much about, but around 4:45 this morning we got to see just a little of her beauty

9. Playa del niño

Uploaded by: miltonologo Wednesday August 26, 2015 Cancún , MX

Fue captado en Cancún, en el me de agosto.

10. Guess Who Came For Dinner?

Uploaded by: teach50 Saturday August 29, 2015 Weehawken, NJ

Full moon rising over NYC. Taken from New Jersey.

11. 044.JPG Sunset !

Uploaded by: lysander Monday August 24, 2015 Leeds , United Kingdom

Taken from my window !

12. untitled (488 of 596)-2.jpg

Uploaded by: TheBigAppleImages Tuesday August 25, 2015 Cartwright , Canada

13. fire clouds

Uploaded by: chutoi Wednesday August 26, 2015 Westcliffe, CO

14. mean sky

Uploaded by: doublezero Monday August 24, 2015 Naples, FL