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Welcome to Weather Underground's World View! A weekly pictorial review of weather around the globe submitted by the WunderPhoto community. If you'd like to participate, upload your photos!

1. First frost

Uploaded by: islandsdave11 Wednesday October 22, 2014 Washburn, WI

Finally a hard frost this morning.

2. Cap

Uploaded by: CameraDiva Sunday October 26, 2014 Wells, NV

A cap cloud envelopes the E. Humboldt Range on a very windy sunrise.

3. Colorful Sunset

Uploaded by: mike4him Thursday October 23, 2014 Parker, CO

Just after sunset while getting in some exercise.

4. Mammatus Cloud

Uploaded by: astrophotographer Wednesday October 22, 2014 Oamaru , New Zealand

A beautiful sight was this cloud formation, The NW wind, warm, was a forerunner to this sight. The NW arch will cover the sky but leave a little gap so when the sun is low on the horizon it will allow the colouring of the cloud, nearly always an orange-red colouration.

5. Sunset Friday 24th Oct

Uploaded by: kgb007 Friday October 24, 2014 Chinaman Wells , Australia

Some incredible sunsets to be had at Chinaman Wells, a little beachside community on South Australias Yorke Peninsula!

6. sunset of eclipse

Uploaded by: jjulian Thursday October 23, 2014 Grand Rapids, MN

7. Candles on the Cake

Uploaded by: cincobayou Thursday October 23, 2014 Fort Walton Beach, FL

This began 20 minutes after the sunset...Magnificent! Better than the sunset.

8. October Sunset

Uploaded by: Rikmeistr Thursday October 23, 2014 Fort Walton Beach, FL

Taken at Liza Jackson Park, Ft Walton Beach, FL.

9. The storm is coming....

Uploaded by: vaggelis Thursday October 23, 2014 Ierapetra , Greece

10. Lake Superior Sunrise

Uploaded by: ThunderBev Tuesday October 21, 2014 Thunder Bay , Canada

A beautiful start to the day. A cool north wind has our temperature feeling like -1C (30F) and clouds scuttling across the sky as the sun rises over the Sleeping Giant and Lake Superior's Thunder Bay harbour.

11. Homebound

Uploaded by: photoandy Tuesday October 21, 2014 san diego, CA

This hawk must have taken this sunset all a heat wave is on its way. Thursday's forecast is over 90 degrees... My phone's HDR function has created a shadow of the passing bird.. since it combines 3 different shots.

12. Cloudy Partial Eclipse

Uploaded by: rdragon Thursday October 23, 2014 Red Lodge, MT

13. Solar Eclipse

Uploaded by: novembergale Thursday October 23, 2014 Dunkirk, NY

Partial solar eclipse at sunset over Lake Erie.

14. Rainbow Cape Sebastian Oregon

Uploaded by: quickeye Wednesday October 22, 2014 Pistol River, OR

Rainbow Cape Sebastian to Gold Beach Oregon

15. My house protected by Aurora

Uploaded by: JuneGronseth Tuesday October 21, 2014 Laukvika , Norge

This is a pannorama of 18 images. The northern light was so strong and wide-all east west, making a protective shield above my house.