Personal Weather Station Setup

Share your weather data with the rest of the world!

The Personal Weather Station (PWS) project allows anyone to purchase a low cost automated weather station and contribute the conditions to our website. We have thousands of stations in our world-wide network and the project is still growing!

Already have your PWS up and running? Skip these steps and register your station:

PWS Setup Steps:

  1. Purchase Weather Station Hardware

    The first step in getting a PWS up and running is to get the device that will monitor the weather.
    View links to hardware vendors

  2. Place Your Weather Station to Report Accurate Readings

    In order to report accurate weather information, you must take care in deciding where to place your weather station.
    Guidelines to Installing Your Weather Station

  3. Install and Configure the Software

    Once you have a weather station, you'll need to select the right software to view and store your data on your computer.
    View links to software vendors

  4. Upload Your Data to Weather Underground

    Now that your weather station has been set up and is communicating with your computer, you are ready to begin sending your data to us.

Weather Station Software



Linux / Unix

Perl / Python