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SpaceX Rocket Launches Supplies to International Space Station

April 20, 2014

After a scrubbed launch occurred Monday due to technical issues, SpaceX successfully launched Friday afternoon.

Mildest Winter of 2013-14: 10 Surprising Cities This Winter Spared

April 20, 2014

Millions of Americans endured a miserable winter - but these 10 lucky cities have had far less snow than usual.

South Korea Boat Accident: More Bodies Recovered; Transcript Reveals Chaos

April 20, 2014

The search for survivors continues at the site of a sunken ferry off the coast of South Korea, while one of the rescued has taken his own life.

10 Surprising History Facts That Will Warp Your Sense of Time

April 20, 2014

Humans have been fascinated by time ever since becoming aware of the regular movement of the sun and stars. Despite this obsession, our perception of time can be very inaccurate as these 10 suprising facts will show.

Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Update: Search Could End Within a Week

April 20, 2014

Search crews found an oil slick in the search area for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, but there's more bad news.

Mount Everest Avalanche: 13 Killed, 3 Missing in Deadliest Disaster on World's Highest Peak

April 20, 2014

At least 13 people were killed in an avalanche on Mount Everest, the deadliest disaster on the world's highest peak.

2014 Strongest-Rated Tornado Activity in U.S. Off To Record Slow Start

April 20, 2014

Not only have tornado counts been low so far in 2014, but there's been a complete absence of the strongest tornadoes.

Winter Weather Watch: A Few Areas of Wintry Weather

By By Tom Niziol
April 20, 2014

Our team of meteorologists, led by winter weather expert Tom Niziol, brings you the latest discussion on winter weather threats across the country.

Winter Weather Live Updates: No Major Snow Through Monday; Cascade, Sierra Snow Ahead

April 20, 2014

Get up-to-the-minute analysis, photos and updates on wintry weather throughout the U.S.

Plane Crashes in Saltillo, Mexico in Heavy Fog; 8 Killed

April 20, 2014

A private plane crashed in Saltillo in Northern Mexico, killing all 8 passengers aboard.

Wyoming Landslide: Hillside Slowly Collapses, Devours Part of Wyoming Resort Town

April 20, 2014

What's happening in this Wyoming resort town might be better described as a land creep than a landslide, but the lack of speed has not hindered the sheer power of the moving earth.

Winter Storm Orion Kills Several, Leaves Icy Roads Behind: State-by-State Impacts

April 19, 2014

Here are the latest impacts of Winter Storm Orion, a storm that has left its mark on several different regions.

Major Earthquake Hits Off Papua New Guinea

April 19, 2014

A major 7.5-magnitude earthquake was recorded off the coast of Papua New Guinea Saturday.

Flooding Swamps Vermont, Maine, Upstate New York, Michigan and Eastern Canada

April 19, 2014

Spring flooding has turned destructive in parts of Lower Michigan, northern New England and eastern Canada.

California Drought Update: Increase to Water Allotments from State Water Project

April 18, 2014

Recent rain and snow has helped to ease water woes in California, prompting an increase in water allotment from zero to 5 percent.

Another Earth? Scientists Find Planet That Might Have Water

April 18, 2014

For the first time, scientists have discovered an Earth-size alien planet in the habitable zone of its host star, an Earth cousin that just might have liquid water and the right conditions for life.

Washington Mudslide Update: 39 Bodies Recovered From Disaster Site

April 18, 2014

The death toll from the massive Washington mudslide has risen to 39.

Mexico Earthquake: 7.2-Magnitude Tremor Shakes Acapulco, Mexico City

April 18, 2014

A large earthquake has shaken west of Acapulco, Mexico Friday morning, according to the United States Geological Survey.

The Tornado East Texas Never Saw Coming – And Why They May Not See The Next One

April 18, 2014

With no warning, no watch, and no obvious sign on radar, a tornado tore through Lovelady, Texas.

Detroit Snow Record Falls: 133-Year-Old Mark Broken By Unusually Snowy Season

April 18, 2014

Detroit shattered a snow record from the late 19th century see how much they've received this season.

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    Snowy Robin
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    Sun Pillar and Geese
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    Showers on the Way
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    Easter Morning Fog
  • Easter Dance
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More Water For California: New Enormous Water Works Programs Are Expensive

By Dr. Jeff Masters
April 18, 2014

From November 2013 - January 2014, a remarkably extreme jet stream pattern set up over North America, bringing the infamous "Polar Vortex" of cold air to the Midwest and Eastern U.S., and a "Ridiculously Resilient Ridge" of high pressure over California, which brought the worst winter drought conditions ever recorded to that state. A new study by Utah State scientist S.-Y. Simon Wang found that this jet stream pattern was the most extreme on record, and likely could not have grown so extreme without the influence of human-caused global warming.

A Warm Winter in Alaska

By Christopher C. Burt
April 18, 2014

In contrast to much of the contiguous U.S., the National Weather Service (NWS) in Alaska noted in a post this week that Alaska has enjoyed its third warmest ‘winter’ on record for 2013-2014. The period of time they are calling ‘winter’ is for the six months of October 2013 through 2014. Here are a few details.

I am a Failed Father

By Shaun Tanner
April 17, 2014

Being a father is very hard! I know, I sound like a whiner, but I felt especially bad this week when I caused my daughter to miss the lunar eclipse.

Polar Vortex, Global Warming, and Cold Weather

By Stu Ostro
January 10, 2014

Some thoughts about the recent viral meme(s).

What the 5th IPCC Assessment Doesn't Include

By Angela Fritz
September 27, 2013

Melting permafrost has the potential to release an additional 1.5 trillion tons of carbon into the atmosphere, and could increase our global average temperature by 1.5°F in addition to our day-to-day human emissions. However, this effect is not included in the IPCC report issued Friday morning, which means the estimates of how Earth's climate will change are likely on the conservative side.

Astronomical VS. Meteorological Winter

By Tom Niziol
March 1, 2013