Your front-door forecast

WunderMap is the world's most Interactive weather map and radar map, providing current conditions and forecasts from Weather Underground's unique network of 90,000+ neighborhood weather stations.

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What is WunderMap®?

Real Weather, Real Close

Get the best localized weather info possible by exploring our network of more than 60,000+ weather stations.

Animated layers at your fingertips

  • Track storms with animated radar and satellite.
  • Get the most crucial information for hurricanes and fires.
  • Get hyper-local forecasts from personal weather stations.
  • Stay aware with severe weather alerts.
  • View the world's weather with webcams.
  • Check conditions that matter to you, as they happen.

Or customize your own!

Finger Friendly Weather

It's all in the newly redesigned WunderMap app for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Start exploring your world of weather today!

The WunderMap is also available online at wunderground.com/wundermap