Ignore with a Humane touch

By: vis0, 10:41 AM GMT on February 27, 2016

Taz get someone to create an Addon script for this (i had a French gentleman do a rough draft script for a firefox Addon (was testing it on a blog i had ~2008)  but that HardDrive broke and the gentleman married. moved to China never heard from him again.


Posted parts of this idea on a Dr. Masters blogbyte ~1-2 years ago.


At the moment one clicks on the IGNORE button  and people/members disappear.


ignore button Tazed ignore button why not break a good thing Humane ignore addon

my zilly comments

By: vis0, 10:39 PM GMT on July 20, 2015

These comments might have scientific value, be on topic as to Dr. Masters blog or opinions, but since they are filled with zilliness i'm posting them here. This is as to not cause a serious detour as to the flow of Dr. Masters blog. i might still post a few zilly remarks there, that i feel is more of a side road detour specially if i feel it can calm down the nerves of dueling members. If you are looking for my last ml-d page (ml-d reset PAGE) follow this link...htt...


ml-d reset PAGE

By: vis0, 8:53 PM GMT on October 31, 2014

From now till i move my blogbytes to another location this will be where i post ml-d reset times, IN THE COMMENTS (to myself) below, make sure you read them in correct order as some know the order they are presented depends on
if you are signed in or not. Since ~Fall of 2013 i do not reply to WxU mail. Most of my blogbytes i've removed (explained on Dr. Masters blog as to a 7-8yr limit i give people/places i try to communicate with.&...

Unproven theory on why birds leave before Cicadas broods upwell.

By: vis0, 2:19 AM GMT on June 21, 2013

Take it as fiction, but if Cicadas are in your field of science test it.

TRY TO READ IT remember gold is hidden and if one has patience they'll find that gold amongst the dirt.

The following is from memory as most of the 32k
pgs. i buried in NYS in 1997.

(From a 1978 paper for a class in JHS 104 in which
the assignment was to create 3 reports on
theories that can help us understand nature.
We were to build on ...

Cicadas Birds leave 2 years before

was only for ABC& blog or Bust

By: vis0, 10:50 PM GMT on November 07, 2012

Post it here as a way to record what i sent others.

(posting as via a request in a WILL of a fan of ABC news whom passed away some time ago)
(BTW did not post HERE the comment that was for Mr. Lee Goldberg after i posted at wxu as the blackout occurred and i use old fashion phone lines. here links to those posts/blogbits; http://www.wunderground.com/blog/vis0/comment.html ?entrynum=111)

Here the 5 categories as to weather the ml-d influences.

diary of other sites Galacsic ml-d

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