From AC to Heat in a Week

By: plapman, 1:23 PM GMT on August 25, 2014

After the heat we experienced a week ago I turned the heat on today.
I keep asking myself why my ancestors stopped in Manitoba. I'm sure there must be someplace with a more stable climate.

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From My Basement Window

A Tree Over My Home

By: plapman, 9:37 PM GMT on August 18, 2014

A few days ago the neighbor had a tree removed. It had split in a windstorm. The fellows cutting down the tree swung this huge piece right over my home. I was kind of wishing it would fall and get me a new house. :)

Updated: 1:22 PM GMT on August 25, 2014

Missing tree

By: plapman, 3:52 PM GMT on July 24, 2014

has anyone noticed that one of the tall trees in the background of the view from my basement window is missing?
The last thunderstorm brought one of them down on a neighbors house and across a power line.
I never noticed until a neighbor across the road told me. Those tall trees would need a long open stretch to come down safely.

Updated: 9:36 PM GMT on August 18, 2014

A Gift From Either Abbey or Cramer

By: plapman, 2:38 PM GMT on July 21, 2014

Since last year I've seen a red squirrel in my trees and on the back yard fence.
I see my neighbor has set a pail trap to catch the little guy which I applauded.
Yesterday while cutting my back lawn I found the little critter dead. He's now bagged and in the trash.
I'm not sure if it was Abbey or Crammer who put an end to it before he could do any damage to the house. My sil used to call them tree rats. He'll bother me no more. I hope there's no fami...

Updated: 3:52 PM GMT on July 24, 2014


By: plapman, 12:06 PM GMT on July 19, 2014

Assiniboine River – Portage Diversion

•This morning, flows on the Assiniboine River into the Portage Reservoir were at 47,110 cubic feet per second (cfs). Flows on the Portage Diversion are approximately 29,610 cfs and flows on the Assiniboine River dikes between Portage la Prairie and Headlingley are 17,500 cfs. Flows are expected to decline slowly.
•Flows along the Assiniboine River dikes between Portage la Prairie and Headingle...

Updated: 2:38 PM GMT on July 21, 2014

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