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By: marsHen, 1:52 AM GMT on October 09, 2014

05:50, saw some of the eclipse - a gold crescent enclosing a rusty moon. orion high in the morning sky.
trawling in suwannee sound, south of east pass. the mouth of the suwannee river and suwannee sound west of the cedar key out-islands have been plagued by red tide.
today's trawls were interesting in that most of the catches consisted of stinging jellyfish, comb jellies, portunus (pass) crabs, and inch long atlantic bumpers, Chloroscombrus chrysur...

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 1:53 AM GMT on October 06, 2014

06:15, 48f, clear. saturn high in the east. the first chill of the season.
dog fennel's starting to bloom. 6 weeks to a frost, the old folks say.
21:50, 56f, lines of cirrus radiating from the SE. waxing gibbous moon, some faint stars.
fire in the fireplace. got some maple from a church friend. the son came by and split it.
a warm mellow fire takes the damp out the house..

Updated: 1:57 AM GMT on October 06, 2014

north florida - wild florida - rocky hammock

By: marsHen, 7:02 PM GMT on September 30, 2014

14:40, 78f, overcast, muggy. rained this morning and over night and yesterday. got 2.4".
this has been going on since july. rain builds up in the gulf and tracks across north florida and south georgia, then tracks up the east coast, probably following the gulf stream. not a lot of wind but the tides are high. of course part of this is due to sea level rise. high tides have been noticiably higher for months now.
in suwannee sound the water tempera...

Updated: 7:06 PM GMT on September 30, 2014

north florida - north florida - rocky hammock

By: marsHen, 1:43 PM GMT on September 01, 2014

09:30, 78f, clear and sunny. day will heat up fast.
another big thunderstorm rolled in from the east last night with some good rain and a lot of lightning. same thing occurred saturday night. over-all rainfall amount around 2".
limbs and dead trees are falling again. not much wind involved so it must be the weight from the rain.
fall wildflowers are coming up in the fields and along the roadsides. willows, pecans, and elms are turning rusty...

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 4:14 PM GMT on August 12, 2014

12:00, 76f, overcast and drizzling. house temperature is actually down to 79f!
the last spate of rain at the end of last week gave us 1.3" which was sorely needed after almost 2 weeks of dry weather where the sun was merciless.
showers began again on sunday and continued through monday and into today. so far, over 1.5" of rain have blessed the farm. the rainfall totals in CK are over 2".
we need this! the temperature in this house has been between...

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