By: joealaska, 6:44 PM GMT on November 26, 2015

The weather has finally warmed up a bit and I do not have to worry about freezing water in the RV. I could use the electric tape, but this is not a long term stay. When it gets to freezing, I just disconnect the hose for the night.

The last few nights have been bonfire nights. I collect driftwood along The Ohio River, and I found a pile of logs that is close to my camp where nobody seems to be using them. It looks like there was a tree, or a few big b...


By: joealaska, 12:27 AM GMT on November 22, 2015

Yesterday, on Friday, I was going golfing with a couple of friends to a course I had not played in ten years. OLDHAM COUNTY in Buckner. This would be the first time I played along with a couple of humans in about a year. Even though they were my good friends, I was nervous. Both of these guys were pretty good.

We were playing at 1 PM, so I was wanting to practice a bit early. I have been the ONLY guy in the camp for a few days now, so I just dropped...


By: joealaska, 8:58 PM GMT on November 15, 2015

I started to do a blog the last couple nights but the events in Paris kept me distracted.

Last week I had an interesting evening at the RV. It involves the cats throwing up, and I know I have gone off on a rant about this in the past. Dutch tends to throw up in areas that are easy to clean up, where Fluff prefers to choose spots that are tight, or even impossible, to clean.

On this particular evening I was getting comfortable and sitting down...


By: joealaska, 8:14 PM GMT on November 04, 2015

My Halloween was a good time. There was a small party back in Louisville with my old high school gang. They had a similar party last year, so it is becoming a tradition.

It was a Halloween Party / Breeders Cup Party. The Breeders Cup is a big horse race. This year it was held at nearby Keeneland Race Track in Lexington, Kentucky. The race is a big deal in Kentucky whether it is held here or not, and my friends tend to really like the horse races. ...

Updated: 6:42 PM GMT on November 10, 2015


By: joealaska, 1:21 AM GMT on October 29, 2015

Nice steady rain Tuesday. It has rained a lot since late Monday night. But this morning it stopped for a couple hours. It all used to be the former hurricane. As usual, it was predicted to be much worse. OH, it was decent rain, but around here it was nothing unusual. This from a guy sitting at the confluence of two BIG rivers. Well, at least The Ohio River is that. The Little Kentucky River is about 100 yards wide, nothing like The Ohio. The Ohio River has ...

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