By: joealaska, 1:30 AM GMT on October 30, 2014

Watching Game Seven in The World Series. Nothing in sports more USA. Even those who do not like baseball pay a bit of attention. I think baseball is too slow and needs updating, and they are working on that right now. But times change, and I believe baseball, and even football, are doomed to either boredom or political correctness in the next hundred years. Look at boxing and the cycle it has followed.

Meanwhile, The Kansas City Royals and San Franci...


By: joealaska, 3:45 PM GMT on October 27, 2014

The big Halloween party is over, and the RV park is suddenly wide open. The weather is perfect. The park is set in a forest of huge trees, and all those leaves are falling with the breeze.

It was as crowded a park as I have stayed in, maybe Fort Collins Colorado was close. There was a huge RV next to me that was only 10 feet away or so.

Around 4 PM Saturday all the kids started coming out with empty bags and looking for candy. I had bought ...


By: joealaska, 1:10 AM GMT on October 26, 2014

FRIDAY ) Sitting at Halloween Central here in Shepherdsville. The place is packed, still busy with people arriving well after dark. Now THAT is a hassle.

I needed to kill some time in Taylorsville today as I could not arrive until 1PM. Had a little trouble loading up the Camry on the tow-dolly. It has happened before a few times. I have to drive the car up on the steel ramps, and there are a couple places where there is a ridge, then a sudden steep ...


By: joealaska, 3:08 PM GMT on October 19, 2014

Spending most of the weekend with the family celebrating the big anniversary. It is cool here and kind of dreary with low clouds.

Sunday morning at the horse camp. As usual everyone but me is packing up and getting ready to leave. Soon I will be all by myself again.

Dutchie has adjusted quickly, and she is right back home here with plenty of roaming room. I was at the computer and glanced out the window where she was struggling to stay in a...


By: joealaska, 11:57 PM GMT on October 15, 2014

Today was a decent drive from Paducah to Shepherdsville, Kentucky. About 15 miles south of Louisville. Maybe 45 minutes to the folks place. Now that I got here, they tell me the place is completely booked for the weekend. So I have to find another place tomorrow, then move the next day.

Dutchie went out immediately upon arrival. The rain, which was falling all day, started falling harder. I knew Dutchie would hunker down somewhere and wait it out. ...

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