By: joealaska, 11:16 PM GMT on July 20, 2014

Seems like a long time ago, but last Wednesday we all headed out of PALOUSE, WASHINGTON going south to Lewiston. Nice ride. Most of it still in THE PALOUSE region, very scenic. I have been to Lewiston a few times, but I forgot about coming into town on RT 95 heading south. I cannot see how I did that.

The road up until then was pretty straightforward. Some gentle turns and smaller hills. 60 mph road. When you get a couple miles from Lewiston the ro...


By: joealaska, 5:52 PM GMT on July 14, 2014

Sunday started quietly. Mornings are usually spent with the computer and coffee. I usually head out later for whatever. While I enjoyed the morning I noticed my neighbors were disappearing one by one. One minute they are there, next minute gone. Suddenly I noticed I was the only camper remaining. Shades of Taylorsville, Kentucky.

I took a ride through the countryside north to Spokane. Another college town, here it was Gonzaga. The Palouse seemed ...


By: joealaska, 7:12 PM GMT on July 11, 2014

My second full day in The Palouse, camping in Palouse, WA.

Yesterday I took a exploratory drive to see what was nearby. First I headed east to Colfax, about 15 miles away. Nice landscape on the way. You enter town taking a 10% downhill grade, dropping into a town you really can't see until you get down to it. The Palouse is like that. Many hills and valleys.

Colfax is a little bigger than Palouse, but not much. There is a nine hole golf c...

JULY 4th

By: joealaska, 12:30 AM GMT on July 06, 2014

The 4th of July in Dutch Harbor was unique in several ways. Because they had to wait for darkness to arrive just to start the show, most if not all of the fireworks were shot off early July 5th. It had to be the last fireworks display in the USA every year, unless they were doing something of the kind in ADAK. Plus the setting was perfect when seen from Haystack Hill, above the fireworks with the town and bay stretching out in front of you. Loved it.



By: joealaska, 7:15 PM GMT on July 02, 2014

Today I headed out of FAIRMONT RV PARK and went through Anaconda one more time. Just an hour west then north, I now sit in downtown Philipsburg, Montana. It is a small old west town where I have booked a week camping at Philipsburg Inn and RV Park. I am sure the town is typical tourist trap, but it has a lot of history and stuff to see nearby. Mining was the big thing. It started as gold, but then they started finding gems. Sapphires, rubies, and more.

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