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96L Slowly Organizing on its Way to the Lesser Antilles

Dr. Jeff Masters, August 20, 2014

Director of Meteorology, Weather Underground

A tropical wave (96L) located near 11°N 53°W, several hundred miles east of the Lesser Antilles Islands, is headed west-northwestwards at about 10 - 15 mph. Satellite loops on Wednesday morning showed the wave had a broad, elongated surface circulation and a modest amount of heavy thunderstorm activity that was steadily increasing in areal coverage and intensity. The storm was poorly organized, though, with a clumpy appearance and just a few low-level spiral bands.

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July 2014 Global Weather Extremes Summary

Christopher C. Burt, August 19, 2014

Weather Historian, Weather Underground

July was the 4th warmest such since 1880 according to NOAA and the 11th warmest according to NASA data (the difference in assessments is due to several factors which I’ll discuss in a future blog). It was unusually cool in the central portion of the U.S. while record warmth was observed in parts of the U.S. Northwest, Scandinavia and the Baltic nations. Several powerful typhoons made landfall in East Asia and Hurricane Arthur took a swipe at North Carolina.

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Five things you need to know before you go smallmouth fishing in NY.

Jim Root, August 18, 2014

Professional Bass Angler

If you're like most people you've probably heard stories of how legendary the smallmouth bass fishing is in NY. From Ontario, Erie, St. Lawrence, Oneida, Champlain, Cayuga, Susquehanna, you can find yourself hooking up with smallmouth in the 5-7+ pound range on every trip if you know what to look for, what to bring, and what to expect. Come unprepared, however, and you will leave with a coldness in your heart as deep as those lakes.

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Climate Change, Engineering, Stationarity and Applied Climate

Dr. Ricky Rood, August 14, 2014

Professor, University of Michigan

Climate Change, Engineering, Stationarity and Applied Climate


Something New, Something Fantastic

Some years ago there was a Brevity comic strip with a man, John, s...

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Recent Urban Floods: A simple equation

Dr. Marshall Shepherd, August 13, 2014

2013 President, American Meteorological Society
Director of Atmospheric Sciences, Univ. of Georgia

Placing recent urban flooding in climate and broader context

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Weekly Weather Roundup: Big Bertha

Wunder Video Blog, August 4, 2014

Videos from Weather Underground

Riah’s last WWR before hiatus: Hurricane Bertha develops in the Atlantic, Massachusetts sees an EF2 tornado, flooding in the Southwest, and wildfires in the West.

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Approach of the Climatological Fall

Zachary Labe, August 20, 2014

Northeast Weather Analyst

Seasonable weather will continue and finish off the climatological summer.

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Hurricane Relief 2014

Portlight, August 19, 2014

Disaster Relief Organization

Portlight is constantly planning and preparing for the response we will mount when disaster strikes. This season, we hope to deploy a new disaster shelter trailer, which will help us assist shelter operators in making their facilities fully accessible to people with all types of disabilities.

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US  Missouri  Saint Louis  Saintlouie
US  Missouri  Saint Louis  Susie77
US  Missouri  Saint Louis  dragonflyF15
US  Missouri  Sanctuary  waymegelli
US  Missouri  Steelville  nimue1070
US  Montana  Billings  mtheights
US  Montana  Bozeman  POLeary29
US  Montana  Columbia Falls  AutumnWinters
US  Montana  Kalispell  bionicdan
US  Montana  Sun River  InfinityLofts
US  Montana  Thompson Falls  joealaska
US  Nebraska  Bellevue  Greyelf
US  Nebraska  Lincoln  WeatherWunder
US  Nevada  Dayton Valley  GumpAir
US  Nevada  Fallon  nonblanche
US  Nevada  Las Vegas  yuccadave
US  Nevada  McCarran International  LasCrucesStargazer
US  Nevada  Reno  fishless
US  Nevada  Reno  RenoSoHill
US  Nevada  Silver Springs  Cloudyinthewest
US  New Hampshire  Dublin  iceagecoming
US  New Hampshire  Portsmouth  pgeremia
US  New Hampshire  Raymond  HarryMc
US  New Hampshire  Rochester  unruly
US  New Hampshire  Rochester  snaphappylady13
US  New Jersey  Annandale  PaulM9999
US  New Jersey  Blackwood  N2PHI
US  New Jersey  Englishtown  Bill99p
US  New Jersey  Island Heights  Weatherstationsusa
US  New Jersey  Landing  Musconetcong
US  New Jersey  Mount Ephraim  wxgeek723
US  New Jersey  Ocean  LRandyB
US  New Jersey  Toms River  squiddster
US  New Jersey  Trenton  tczeizinger
US  New Mexico  Albuquerque  rontalley2
US  New Mexico  Embudo  polymorph
US  New Mexico  Mesilla  MesillaMan
US  New Mexico  Santa Fe  SFPerson
US  New York  Chautauqua County-Dunkirk  novembergale
US  New York  Clifton Park  stevep911
US  New York  East Setauket  OKXskywarnspotter
US  New York  Horseheads  WeatherWatcher14845
US  New York  Ithaca  JimRoot
US  New York  Lakemont  CarterHumphreys
US  New York  Manhattan  vis0
US  New York  Mohawk Valley  osprey1760
US  New York  New York  NYCvort
US  New York  New York  AJWxMan
US  New York  Niagara Falls  MarshviewDar
US  New York  Plainview  HOWIEEE
US  New York  Rochester  IndianaStein
US  New York  Saratoga Springs  Stoopid1
US  New York  Saratoga Springs  WilliaMITCHELL
US  New York  Scarsdale  thirtyonem
US  New York  Valley Stream  w2dsx
US  New York  Yulan  sullivanweather
US  North Carolina  Black Mountain  Noil
US  North Carolina  Burlington  Bogon
US  North Carolina  Carrboro  jalyso
US  North Carolina  Clayton  Bluestorm5
US  North Carolina  Clyde  bluemntgirl
US  North Carolina  Greensboro  greensboro
US  North Carolina  Greensboro  TriadWX
US  North Carolina  Jonesville  oldskoold
US  North Carolina  Lexington  synthman19872003
US  North Carolina  New Bern  janetlee
US  North Carolina  Pantego  weatherboy1251
US  North Carolina  Salisbury  TempDiff
US  North Carolina  Weaverville  weavervillemama
US  North Carolina  Whittier  Dellicious
US  North Carolina  Wilmington  ncforecaster
US  North Carolina  Wilmington  TropicalAnalystwx13
US  North Carolina  Wilmington  Joshua97
US  North Dakota  Harwood  gopher7
US  Ohio  Birdland  ItsABeautifulDay
US  Ohio  Cincinnati  nedhamson
US  Ohio  Cincinnati  panzersnake
US  Ohio  Cleveland  FMacek
US  Ohio  Coldwater  SaintNick
US  Ohio  Columbus  Buckey2745
US  Ohio  Crestline  lostinohio
US  Ohio  Ironton  Josh1105
US  Ohio  Kettering  cherriebaby136
US  Ohio  Mason  Ameister12
US  Ohio  Mason  DW3149
US  Ohio  Oregon  kc8nno
US  Ohio  Rocky River  stickboy56
US  Ohio  Waynesville  chateaugroup
US  Ohio  Wilmington  StormWatchOne
US  Oklahoma  Coleman  victorymoon
US  Oklahoma  Cyril  KN5G
US  Oklahoma  Edmond  wx75
US  Oklahoma  Norman  Weatherdude9
US  Oklahoma  Purcell  Barefootontherocks
US  Oklahoma  Shawnee  StormGoddess
US  Oklahoma  Shults  OrangeRoses
US  Oklahoma  Tulsa  wx74008
US  Oregon  Astoria  ElDezmo
US  Oregon  Bend  andrewseos
US  Oregon  Colton  opalmirror
US  Oregon  Condon  DisasterReady
US  Oregon  Cottage Grove  Toripony
US  Oregon  Hillsboro  CWS3175
US  Oregon  Mahlon Sweet  DataPilot
US  Oregon  Medford  FR8SKR
US  Oregon  Newport  NewportOr
US  Oregon  Siletz  Fadeyr
US  Pennsylvania  Altoona  baxtheweatherman
US  Pennsylvania  Campbelltown  TheRasberryPatch
US  Pennsylvania  Dingmans Ferry  brandonlubin
US  Pennsylvania  Harrisburg  Blizzard92
US  Pennsylvania  Meadville  doppler
US  Pennsylvania  Philadelphia  weatherenthusiast1
US  Pennsylvania  Telford  Whetherperson
US  Pennsylvania  United  Skunkville
US  Puerto Rico  Caguas  PRweathercenter
US  Puerto Rico  Carolina  hu2007
US  Puerto Rico  Levittown  kp4atp
US  Puerto Rico  Manati  StormPete
US  Puerto Rico  San Juan  mrpuertorico
US  Puerto Rico  San Juan  Tropicsweatherpr
US  Rhode Island  Providence  LaddObservatory
US  South Carolina  Bluffton  cynvision
US  South Carolina  Charleston  palmettobug53
US  South Carolina  Charleston  WCSC
US  South Carolina  Charleston  Portlight
US  South Carolina  Georgetown  carolinagal
US  South Carolina  Georgetown  SamPitFishing
US  South Carolina  Goose Creek  StormJunkie
US  South Carolina  Goose Creek  GoWVU
US  South Carolina  Greenwood  BigBug
US  South Carolina  Ladson  nash36
US  South Carolina  Luray  fo
US  South Carolina  Myrtle Beach  MBSCEOCHam
US  South Carolina  Rock Hill  KI4YIK
US  South Carolina  Sumter  TheDawnAwakening
US  South Dakota  Rapid City  rvweatherwoman
US  South Dakota  Spearfish  Tmax
US  Tennessee  Bemis  williamebrantley
US  Tennessee  Elizabethton  watfordl
US  Tennessee  Goodlettsville  Astrometeor
US  Tennessee  Hollow Rock  Criqet
US  Tennessee  Jamestown  MichaelJMAD
US  Tennessee  Portland  Weathermanportlandtn
US  Tennessee  Rock Island  hydrus
US  Tennessee  Ten Mile  Slowmodem
US  Tennessee  Watertown  levist23
US  Texas  Arlington  Greenosity
US  Texas  Arlington  Bordonaro
US  Texas  Austin  Brillig
US  Texas  Austin  AkashaD
US  Texas  Austin  Hurricane1216
US  Texas  Austin  galvestonhurricane
US  Texas  Bastrop  MetedK
US  Texas  Baytown  BtnTx
US  Texas  Benbrook  DuaneWilliams
US  Texas  Bryan  jimmiek
US  Texas  Cedar Park  muddertracker
US  Texas  College Station  1900hurricane
US  Texas  Crystal Beach  HurricaneDean07
US  Texas  Crystal Beach  TylerStanfield
US  Texas  Dallas  N5GVG
US  Texas  Dallas  RainyDaisy
US  Texas  Dike  wanderingtexgrrl
US  Texas  El Paso  ricderr
US  Texas  Evadale  xtremeweathertracker
US  Texas  Fort Davis  ronni9
US  Texas  Fort Worth  dfwstormwatch
US  Texas  Galveston  hoovedog
US  Texas  High Island  JaTexas
US  Texas  Houston  bappit
US  Texas  Houston  Kumo
US  Texas  Houston  fireitup
US  Texas  Houston  yahoo201027
US  Texas  Katy  angiest
US  Texas  Klondike  DeltaPride
US  Texas  League City  RitaEvac
US  Texas  League City  Thoughtsteader
US  Texas  Leander  avatar42
US  Texas  Lewisville  GardenGrrl
US  Texas  Lindale  leighgraphix1965
US  Texas  Livingston  Segno1
US  Texas  Nassau Bay  EmmyRose
US  Texas  Pasadena  ihave27windows
US  Texas  Port Alto  PortAlto
US  Texas  Rosenberg  catfuraplenty
US  Texas  San Angelo  mbailey
US  Texas  San Antonio  IMA
US  Texas  San Antonio  klamping
US  Texas  Sanantonio  cajunrooster2
US  Texas  Silver  AwakeInMaryland
US  Texas  Tomball  jeffs713
US  Texas  Wharton  MissMcManiac
US  Texas  Wylie  aSigiam
US  Utah  Cedar City  TheDocster
US  Utah  Clearfield  BrandonLBC
US  Utah  Duck Creek Village  cedarmt
US  Utah  Stansbury Park  seanh46
US  Vermont  Brandon  FlickerFlashMist
US  Vermont  Newfane  GregoryMiller
US  Virginia  Annandale  HeavySnow
US  Virginia  Ashland  1759
US  Virginia  Chesapeake  ActionComputer
US  Virginia  Colonial Heights  jackalrk
US  Virginia  Danville  WeatherWise
US  Virginia  Fairfax  Proserpina
US  Virginia  Falls Church  Patrickmoore
US  Virginia  Heathsville  scomart
US  Virginia  Hopewell  watchingnva
US  Virginia  Louisa  jmrp46
US  Virginia  Maurertown  BruceMac
US  Virginia  Midlothian  tropicfreak
US  Virginia  Parksley  EarlB
US  Virginia  Roanoke  superfalke
US  Virginia  Rockfish  nobyter
US  Virginia  Virginia Beach  CoopsWife
US  Virginia  Virginia Beach  LagoMar
US  Virginia  Winchester  zampaz
US  Virginia  Wintergreen  NelsonCountyLife
US  Virginia  Woolwine  weatherman141
US  Washington  Bellingham  Stellaris
US  Washington  Colville  Hay2Cheese
US  Washington  Edmonds  Stones
US  Washington  Glenwood  adams19
US  Washington  Ione  Tokin
US  Washington  Kirkland  PugetSoundPost
US  Washington  Longview  N3EG
US  Washington  Ocean Shores  Grift
US  Washington  Ocean Shores  osdianna
US  Washington  Olympia  deherf
US  Washington  Olympia  omaco
US  Washington  Plain  snowave
US  Washington  Seattle  jorpet
US  Washington  Seattle  Steve98052
US  Washington  Seattle  axis42
US  Washington  Seattle  Guyinjeep16
US  Washington  Spokane  fred37
US  Washington  Spokane  MrEsmond
US  Washington  Toledo  BriarCraft
US  Washington  Tukwila  TukwilaCathy
US  Washington  Vancouver  timbersfan
US  Washington  Vancouver  LittleBlueFlippers
US  Washington  Vancouver  lodoc
US  Washington  Yelm  WATH35
US  West Virginia  Green Bank  gbrxengr
US  West Virginia  Philippi  kc8leg
US  West Virginia  Salem  MLJenkins
US  Wisconsin  Appleton  HaleStorm
US  Wisconsin  Clear Lake  ChrisToney
US  Wisconsin  Fort Atkinson  RADIORONRECORDING
US  Wisconsin  Green Bay  tvengineer
US  Wisconsin  Horicon  BLSCass
US  Wisconsin  Milwaukee  snoweather57
US  Wisconsin  River Falls  cristind93
US  Wisconsin  Saint Francis  StormNurd
US  Wisconsin  Superior  NorwoodAcres
US  Wyoming  Buffalo  ConnieBoo
US  Wyoming  Kemmerer  Chunkins
Venezuela    Simon Bolivar International  rpadron
Việt Nam    Hà Nội  phucleo
Việt Nam    Hà Nội  khamnamkhoa
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