What's Blooming in San Diego back country?

By: WatchinTheSky, 4:56 PM GMT on April 13, 2014

But first -
Hummer cam current view -

And sad note about new Phoebe, she has gone missing and chicks have gone to bird rehabber again. Sad.

What's Blooming in San Diego's Back country in mid-April? It is no big news, but this was a dismal rain season here and the native flora is not in prime condition. However, there are a few making a valiant attempt! The blooms range from large to miniscule :) Many of our local flora have ad...

Updated: 10:39 PM GMT on April 21, 2014

Feels like Summer

By: WatchinTheSky, 4:09 AM GMT on April 05, 2014

Hummer cam current view -

Summer in April - depending on who you listen to or read, Tuesday-Thursday next week could be in the low 90s and very low humidity (locally known as a Santa Ana). Joy!

A bit of potpourri in lieu of real blog ;)

San Diego makes national news -
5 year old helps Microsoft with their Xbox Security!

2 drug tunnels connecting San Diego with Mexico including rail system.


Updated: 9:09 PM GMT on April 08, 2014

Drizzle Watch '14 Over

By: WatchinTheSky, 11:20 PM GMT on February 22, 2014

April drizzle brings May sizzle??

'Big' April storm rolled through in two waves, lots of wind and some drizzle. Ok, maybe some rain - .16" Tuesday, .2" Wednesday!
We actually had some winter this morning, frost on the roof tops driving in to work. One day of winter is better than none!

Now dry for the next week and maybe 90s by early next week, back to summer.

Hummer cam current view -

March is our last gasp at...

Updated: 5:45 PM GMT on April 03, 2014

Great Backyard Bird Count

By: WatchinTheSky, 4:44 PM GMT on January 07, 2014

Feb 16 Sunday

Day three of the big Count. Here is one of the more infrequent visitors to the backyard!

He makes up for it in size ;) Based on the roof tile size, I put him at 3.5-4 feet tall. Guess that puts the 'Great' in Great Blue Heron!

Feb 13

Just after sunset and the moon was rising, thought I would try to get a photo. Then I noticed one after the other, a few minutes a part, formations of birds flying so...

Updated: 5:47 PM GMT on February 16, 2014

And a Very Happy New Year!

By: WatchinTheSky, 9:56 PM GMT on November 19, 2013

Hummer cam current view -

Now that we are a cat family again, curiosity about cat coloration piqued and I decided to do a little studying (emphasis on 'a little', apologies to bio students and cat fanciers ;)

Cat colors – cats come in Red or Black and ‘dilute’ (lighter) shades of those two (brown, orange, cream – grays, blue) and white, though not technically a color but a masking of the two colors expressed as spotting.

Updated: 1:31 AM GMT on December 29, 2013

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