#83 Tony's Chocolate Sauce

By: GardenGrrl, 1:34 AM GMT on October 30, 2015

With cooler weather it is time to light our ovens and culinary imaginations.
There are Holiday pastries and treats to make. Creative side dishes to go with turkeys. hams and lambs need to be prepared.

So share your cooking tips and recipes here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your kitchens.

This photo is from Cooking School, Chefs Jeff and Toni are straining the chicken stock we made. It then became an amazing soup and stock base f...

Updated: 4:19 PM GMT on November 20, 2015

12 Inches of rain......

By: GardenGrrl, 10:01 PM GMT on October 17, 2015

It is finally here, Cooking Weather!
It has been so hot this summer that I went down two pants sizes eating salads due to heat. I think with this class I will be wearing my big jeans very soon.

Time is flying faster than I can keep up with. Have two hours before bedtime and the new work week.
Here are a couple pictures of the cooking classes I started. The course is 24 hours in five days; two Thursday-Fridays and one TH, Fri, Saturday. Yes it...

Updated: 4:46 AM GMT on October 24, 2015


By: GardenGrrl, 4:58 AM GMT on October 09, 2015

My great paint adventure prompted me to totally geek out on color theories, light wave lengths, color geometry, types of gloss and sheen, computer colors and photography. All the colors looked different in different places and even from different angles. I had to know why.

A phenomenon that occurs when two colors that look identical in one kind of light look like different colors in another kind of light. Also known as; "This outfit matche...

The Storm Song

By: GardenGrrl, 1:58 PM GMT on October 03, 2015

***Jump forward to the 12:40 mark***

Opps, bit of profanity at 12:30 on the last song...it's from a live concert in Germany. Took out the You Tube video and will just leave the link. This fellow does cuss a bit on some of the other songs. He reminds me a lot of Pete Townsend in his younger days.

Link to concert song at 12:40

The song is called; "The Next Storm" (on the 12:40 mark) by Frank Turner on his new album, Positive Son...

Updated: 2:58 PM GMT on October 03, 2015

Lewisville Meet Hank #42

By: GardenGrrl, 4:17 PM GMT on September 19, 2015

My favorite colors are; shiny, bright and tie-dye.

The wall in question was covered with great big heart stains from a Valentines Day past. I put some "remove-able" wall decorations up that bled through and permanently tattooed hearts and such on the wall. We all know that heart tattoos, especially with names, are the kiss of death for relationships. So it was inevitable that one day I would be covering them with many many coats of primer.


Updated: 5:15 PM GMT on September 24, 2015

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