By: GRANDMANAN, 9:07 AM GMT on September 30, 2014

A dismal start to the day, still NE, showers, has let up now to 20-25KPH, about as good as it is going to be for the next several days. The weather pattern definitely taking on the winter pattern, temp 6C, may stagger to the double digits, but not too far. Clear and cool for end of the week.

The V remains on the run, however anticipate the ADVENTURE will be making the run by days end. With the change in weather conditions a welcome addition for sure, traf...


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:24 AM GMT on September 29, 2014

Weather a bit more Maritime this morning, fog gradually retreating as the sun makes an appearance, calm, can't make out the Ross Island shore as yet. Temp 11C, supposed to clear for a bit then overcast with showers by late this afternoon. Cooler and unsettled conditions for most of the week.

Donna, Shauna and Emily all travelling today, Dr.'s appointment for Emily, an opportunity to have a look around at the same time. GRAND MANAN V still on the run...


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:08 AM GMT on September 28, 2014

Clear, 13C a southerly flow the order of the day, temp to reach 20's by afternoon. Temp yesterday compete with any we had all summer, passed what we call hot for most of the afternoon and well into the evening. Conditions return to fall tomorrow, with high NE in the forecast and temps staying mid teens at best, possible shower by mid-week.

Lower acreage pretty well assured had it last grooming till next spring, the upper lawn will need at least one ...


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:21 AM GMT on September 27, 2014

Clear, with a hint of haze this morning, a northerly draft, but very warm at 16C, temp to reach the 20's as the day unfolds, wind to swing to the south, but remain clear. No change for the next few days are indicated.

Rob on the premises, haven't seen him as yet, they were on the last trip last night, with the V making the run takes a bit longer to complete the run.

The lawn mowing down to a final run below, most of the baskets are now in...


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:51 AM GMT on September 26, 2014

A KODAK MOMENT underway looking out over the harbour, flat calm, nary a ripple, bright sun making an appearance from behind Ross Island. Temp 6C, will make it to the mid teens and remains clear for today and forecast suggesting long range will be the same.

Moose Hunt nearing completion, haven't heard of any success stories from local hunters, mornings like this should be almost ideal conditions for hunting, afternoon into the evening also should be the ad...

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