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By: Danube, 9:15 PM GMT on September 01, 2014

Time data, photos regarding the occurence of M-class or stronger solar flares, Kp5-level or greater geomagnetic storm activity, big or slow solar wind speed, etc. Possibly about some quakes, volcano activity.

2014 09 15 14:00 UT Sun Flares: eruptive. Chance for M-class flares: less likely. Slight chance for an X-class solar flare.
Space Solar wind's speed: decreasing.
Protons: warming
Earth geomagnetism: quiet (Kp= ...

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Updated: 11:22 PM GMT on September 15, 2014

NAIRAS (Nowcast of Atmospheric Ionizing Radiation System)

By: Danube, 10:56 AM GMT on November 03, 2013

"The NAIRAS model provides a space weather decision support tool related to radiation impacts on crew and passengers of long-range aircraft. The NAIRAS model predicts atmospheric radiation exposure from galactic cosmic rays (GCR) and solar energetic particle (SEP) events. GCR particles propagation from local interstellar space to Earth is modeled using an extensionhe Badhwar and O'Neill model, where the solar modulation has been parameterized using high-latitude rea...

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By: Danube, 2:19 AM GMT on February 05, 2012

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Hungarian Parliament building, new Fundamental Law

By: Danube, 10:42 PM GMT on January 17, 2012

This most beautiful and largest palace of the country and the region was constructed from 1885 until 1904. Who does understand as we, why was manifested the thousand-year continuous constitutional tradition of this nation and its respect for law in this way? On April 18 2011 the Hungarian Parliament adopted Hungary’s new Fundamental Law, which was signed in a ceremonial event by the President of Hungary, Pál Schmitt, on Easter Monday, 25 April 2011. The new Funda...

Updated: 2:07 AM GMT on February 05, 2012

Thought toward the country of the Rising Sun

By: Danube, 9:02 PM GMT on May 27, 2011

Just for the sake of precision: Three of my quite rare communications were these in a privately used blog:1.)March 08 2011 01:01 PM (GMT):'Yesterday? The geomagnetic field was expected to be predominantly quiet. With other words: Nice day yesterday. I woke up, bright lights in the skies over. And I felt and I saw the Earth how quiet is now. Its additional burdens came to existence. And no new stronger quakes, no volcano eruptions for a short time. On its orbit she i...

Updated: 9:16 PM GMT on May 27, 2011

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