Additional sensors added via Weather MicroServer

By: CWS3175, 7:18 PM GMT on November 05, 2014

Two sensor options have been added for the Weather MicroServer.
1) Particle Concentration: A laser optical sensor is used to detect and measure particulate concentrations up to 100 milligrams per cubic meter. The continuous flow optical sensor is combined with purge air to ensure accurate measurements in adverse environments.
2) UV Radiation: Measures ultraviolet radiation between 250 and 400 nanometers. The measurement includes both UV-A and UV-B radiatio...

Meteorology Weather Monitoring environment

Local HazMat vehicle uses Orion VM™ Weather Station

By: CWS3175, 7:13 PM GMT on October 22, 2014

As a global company, it’s not often that we get to meet our customers face-to-face. Last week we had a visit from Aaron Randall of Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue with their HazMat vehicle which boasts a nine-year-old Orion VM Weather Station.

This particular crew is part of the Oregon Fire Marshal’s HazMat team and is responsible for Western Washington County through to the coast which includes a section of an important pipeline as well as several la...

Weather Monitoring

Updated: 8:03 PM GMT on October 23, 2014

30+ Years of Reliable Capricorn Weather Stations

By: CWS3175, 6:53 PM GMT on September 09, 2014

You've come a long way, baby! Just about the time we're introducing the Capricorn FLX, we get this weather station console in for repair. It's an original Capricorn weather station pre-1980. Says the owner: "Thank you for taking the time to even look at these Vintage units. They were the best you could buy at one time and they worked great."

Unfortunately this one can't be repaired, but we should be able to fix up his 1980s Capricorn II.

Updating the Capricorn line -- our flagship brand of reliable weather stations

By: CWS3175, 8:12 PM GMT on September 04, 2014

Introducing the Capricorn FLX™ – the new generation modular weather station from Columbia Weather Systems. Replacing the Capricorn 2000EX model, the “Flex” maintains the modular system of individual sensors with mechanical wind speed and direction.

Sensor options include:
• wind speed and direction
• temperature (up to four ambient air, soil, and/or water)
• humidity
• rain gauge (tipping bucket)
• solar radiatio...

Weather Station Mounting Options Presented

By: CWS3175, 6:18 PM GMT on June 30, 2014

Because weather monitoring applications vary widely, Columbia Weather Systems offers a variety of options for mounting weather station sensors.

•The Roof Mount Kit includes hardware and guy wires necessary to mount and stabilize a mast to a rooftop. It can be used with either optional 10-foot fiberglass or steel mast, sold separately.

•The Wall Mount Kit includes the hardware to mount a mast to the side of a building. It can be used with th...

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