Countervailing Trend

By: Bogon, 9:59 PM GMT on February 19, 2014

It's seventy degrees (21°C) outside my window this afternoon. The back door stands ajar.

Last night we had a thunderstorm. The rain washed away whatever remained of last week's snow. Even in the shadows it has melted by now. Only in parking lots and street corners, where plows piled snow high as my head, do signs of winter linger. Under the circumstances I deem that it's time to retire the "Trending Snowy" blog. Current signs and portents point ...

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Updated: 11:21 PM GMT on April 16, 2014

Trending Snowy

By: Bogon, 11:10 AM GMT on January 21, 2014

A month has passed since the winter solstice. Days are lengthening again, but meanwhile it has been getting colder. Heat still radiates away faster than it comes in. The snow line creeps southward.

In the southeastern states snow chances improve in late winter. The air and ground remain cold as warmth and moisture begin to return. In midwinter it's too cold for big snow. All the moisture is frozen.

In the North Carolina mounta...

Winter Weather

Updated: 10:13 PM GMT on February 14, 2014

Cycles: Rise and Fall

By: Bogon, 3:19 PM GMT on October 25, 2013

Well, here it is, the long awaited new blog header. This one introduces a new season. We might still get a hurricane or two, but this year's travestied tropical tedium is dead to me. If the Atlantic Ocean suddenly sloshes over with tropical doom, I might make time for a comment or two, but otherwise I'm done. For the latest in juicy tropical gossip check back next year.


Last night (Wednesday, 10/23) was when autumn arrived in the Dry...

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Updated: 3:28 AM GMT on October 26, 2013

Watch and WUnder

By: Bogon, 9:04 PM GMT on June 05, 2013

It's only June, but already we have a blob to watch. Forecasts for the coming hurricane season are bullish, at least on the meteorological side. If you live along the Atlantic coast, or if you work for an insurance company, you may be thinking bear.

Most years I put up this tropical blog in August, when the hurricane season swings into high gear. This year I'm going to start early, mainly because I'm being lazy. There's too much going on in the real w...

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Updated: 3:20 AM GMT on April 18, 2014

The Porch of Indecision

By: Bogon, 9:34 PM GMT on May 11, 2013

Yesterday (Friday) I drove my mother-in-law to an appointment with her masseuse. MIL can still drive, but age is creeping up on her. She faces increasingly impaired mobility, which is one reason why she moved into an assisted living community this week. Three of her four daughters, including Wife, were involved in the move. Things have been a little crazy around here lately.

The appointment was in Graham, the county seat. It's not far. Graham shares...

Spring Destinations

Updated: 7:53 AM GMT on May 28, 2013

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